Friday, 27 June 2014

Acquaintance x C3YoyoDesign: LUSTRE by WeiXuan

Wei Xuan is back with another video featuring the C3YoyoDesign's Speedaholic, Level 6, and Dymension.

Video shot entirely on a iPhone 5S with the 4in1 Olloclip fisheye lens.
WeiXuan will be competing in the upcoming Asia Pacific Yoyo Championship, do catch up with him.

Dedication - Zammy Ickler

Thursday, 26 June 2014


Shu Takada shared this, I watched it and thought I'll share it here too!

Pulsefire Yoyo

So I saw Tyler Hsieh posted some yoyos he made in the B/S/T yoyo group in Facebook, and was thinking of asking him more about it to see if I could post anything useful for those who may be interested in getting one. Here's the whole conversation we had.

  • Jayson Lim
    did u made those yoyos yourself?
    i would like to know more to see if i can blog anything about it.
  • Tyler Hsieh
    I'll tell you more when I get home
  • Tyler Hsieh
    hey im back
    here is the story of the pulsefire
    when i first made the pulsefire, i was interested in making a yoyo that would feel neutral, and perfect for competing, where every input would respond correctly and put out the output that you want it
    so for that, i wanted it to be very stable, yet be able to change axis at will
    long spin, and light
    all the parts must be the best, so i chose a 10 ball kk bearing with groove, and IR pad
    and the pulsefire was born
    if you want pictures, has those pictures.
  • Jayson Lim
    i'm on that site now haha
  • Tyler Hsieh
    i then wanted to push the boundaries even more, where regular unimetal yoyos couldn't do that
    so i added on the most reasonable yet aggressive rim weighting, which is the stainless steel pulsefire.
    the yoyo plays a bit heftier, but the ease of control is still there, with all the same concepts
  • Jayson Lim
    that's pretty informative for a quick intro
  • Tyler Hsieh
    but thats about it
    and right now the regular unimetal one
    is 55 dollars for anodized and 50 for raw
  • Jayson Lim
    if you don't mind i'll probably copy and paste everything here to the blog.and the price hasn't been set for the stainless steel one
    Tyler Hsieh yeah no problem
  • Jayson Lim
    so pulsefire is the name of the yoyo
    no company name yet?
  • Tyler Hsieh
    well it was kind of a crucial endorsed product
    and i made it with the approval of paul
  • Tyler Hsieh
    and the metal version, since its still in prototype, its called pulsefire alpha

Also, here are some pictures of the Pulsefire.

For more info & to purchase one, visit the Pulsefire site, or hook up with Tyler Hsieh on Facebook.

C3yoyodesign Presents: Rising Force Japan - Ryuichi Nakamura

REWIND: Marcus Koh Promo Video

Monday, 23 June 2014

Crescent XTornado

First of all, pardon the dirty background of the photo, I don't have a proper box to take a nice picture of for a very long time, I haven't been receiving any testers since I became busy and inactive, I'm grateful to those who still send me and who still give me news. Lately if any of you still visits this blog, you'll see it's been updated a little bit more often than usual. That's because I've got some time on my hands for a short period of time, but it won't be for long though.

So this yoyo is from Taiwan, from the maker that produced the weight rings for the Adegle PSG,LORI, now they're making yoyos under a different name, Crescent. Click here to check out the weight rings they did, I posted about it when I was still blogging else where.

I received the yoyo along with extra pairs of response pads, one 1.00mm thickness, the other 1.15mm thickness, the one that came with it was 1.00mm.
 It also comes with a KK bearing, it's not from Dif-e-Yo though, but I was told it's gonna be replace with a different KK in their next release, a better one as they would put it.

Now, I'm not one who is good at sustaining a long spin while doing combos, but this yoyo can easily sustain very long in my playing. I'm not exactly a fan of the sharp edge but to my surprise it was still comfortable in the palm. Kai Cheng told me he knows the issue about having sharp edges but he insisted on it because this is his first yoyo and he wants it his way, but it'll be improved further in the next release, which I think would probably be under a different name, released as a different yoyo.

I won't lie, when I saw the sharp edge I was a little turned off, but when I put on a string and play it I'm surprised, it's not what I thought it would be. Stocked, it's really really smooth, very long spinning like I mentioned earlier, no wobble, no vibes, I really enjoyed playing it, finger spins are possible too. I still suck at horizontal, but I'm sure it can handle that pretty well too, I'm assuming that by looking at the shape okay, that's me.

I've yet to replace any pads, I'm not sure how the 1.15mm pads would feel on the yoyo, but 1.00mm gives pretty tight binds, I suppose the 1.15mm will give you even tighter or slightly snaggy feeling? maybe not if I just replace one side. I'll update if I eventually play long enough to change it, and if I actually remember and have time to update the blog again. I'm not sure if there'll be a promo video like how I used to do for other yoyos, time and players are limited, but I'll try to work something out. Share your opinion of this yoyo in the comment section if you've tried one before, try the yoyo if you want to when you see me. I'm already looking forward to see the next release.

Thursday, 19 June 2014


One Drop Players Spotlight Graeme Steller

Graeme and I used to talk a little bit on facebook when I was still blogging at SY.
He seems like a very nice person, all about fun and passion if my impression of him.
And then we kind of stop talking as much when I stop blogging at SY and him busy with his own stuff, but glad to see him back and active and having his own signature yoyo.

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Acquaintance: Duncan Skyhawk - Lim Aik Hwee

After 3 years, Lim Aik Hwee has come back and release a video with Acquaintance!
Featuring the new Skyhawk from Duncan Toys!

Monday, 16 June 2014

Ho Swee Jim

If you've followed my blogging from Singapore Yoing, you probably know that Yoyo Acquaintance started out as a platform to promote a group of players from outside of Singapore that I wanted to promote, but it didn't work out, I left SY, and kinda decided to continue blogging in my free time under the Yoyo Acquaintance name. I've since kind of re-pick the players as rep to promo for Yoyo Acq, and they've always been local because there's not much I could do for the foreign players. But I was still looking around. Now there's an addition to the reps from outside of Singapore, not too far away.

Meet Ho Swee Jim.

I have no idea who took this photo so credits to whoever took it.
I've been watching Jim for a while and been wanting to ask him if he's interested to be part of the Acquaintance. And I finally did. I ain't sure what I can do for him but at least you guys can check out his freestyles for now and expect more from him.

Jim is in my opinion one of the best from Malaysia, I'm not gonna sugar-coat my words, his freestyles are in fact some times messy, but somehow I like his trick presentation and stuff. He may not have win any major contest yet but I feel that his time will come. You can also visit the reps page to see his past and future top 3 placing freestyles.

Thursday, 5 June 2014

FIST SALUD - Shu Takada 2014

YoYoSkeel Superbright by Chayanan Jeensomboonpanit

"YOYOSKEEL introduce to you our new products for year 2014, SUPERBRIGHT. Superbright is our new signature yo-yo designed by 4X Thailand National Champion, Chayanan Jeensomboonpanit aka Bright. Based the originals shape of our 1st and top selling products STALKER, SUPERBRIGHT makes a very different feels of play, and more solid performance compare to previous series. Its adjusted gap and less wide makes SUPERBRIGHT good for smooth string tricks play especially for horizontal trick play."

Yo-yo specs:
Shape : Wing Shape
Weight (g) : 67 grams
Width (mm) : 43
Diameter (mm) : 57.5
Gap Width (mm) : 39.50
Bearing Size : 250 x .500 x .187
Gap Type : Fixed
String : YYS String

Looking at the picture, I'm guessing this may be the yoyo I've been waiting for YoYoSkeel to produce. I personally would have like the Stalker 2 more if not for the step on the wall area, really enjoy playing with the Stalker 2 but the step really bugs me, even talked to Shakeel about it quite often. I look forward to trying out the Super Bright since it's based on the Stalker 2.