Friday, 22 May 2015

MagicYoYo T1 Captain

WEIGHT: 81Grams
DIAMTER: 58.8 Millimeters
WIDTH: 79 Millimeters
BEARING GAP: 2.52 Millimeters
#1 - 1.35 Millimeters, BEARING GAP 2.52 Millimeters
#2 - 1.74 Millimeters, BEARING GAP 2.74 Millimeters

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Auldey x Turning Point Positron - Kentaro Kimura

If you're unable to view either one, visit the site.

Opinion: 7yoyodesign arc

7yoyodesign is a new company from China, and the first product from them, is called the arc. Not using capital letter for the name as requested by Zhang, as to not to confuse with a previous yoyo he did.

So 7yoyodesign is out to be different, in short, in my interpretation:
They feel that makers have been focusing too much on performance when producing a yoyo, they neglect the feeling a player gets when you're throwing, or just simply holding it. They want to produce a yoyo that is great in not just performance, but also comfortable to hold.
What you'll see in their product, for instance the color, will be black, white, and green.
Also, gone are the rigid, complicated shape and weight rings.

When I chatted with Zhang, he mentioned that they're creating something that give players the first hand experience of "UltraFeels". How I would explain this is, it's like... wearing a shoe but feeling like it's not there. You'll be playing the yoyo with such ease.

Now I was already wondering what to expect of this yoyo, that was a couple days ago.
And this morning I got a surprise package, opened it and this is what I received.
Take a look at the unboxing video from another entry. In my opinion of course, I think it look really nice. I thought it look pretty okay from the pictures, but I really like what I got in the mail. immediately snapping pictures for Facebook and Instagram, put on the string that came with it, which I think was a Kitty String Fat, and give it some throws. I really like it, ALOT.
Now the specs before I move on, 54.1mm diameter,  43.1mm width, and 64.1g in weight.
First feel I get from it, because of the shape, it actually feels a little bit smaller than it actually is, rather comfortable to hold. The weight is alright, it doesn't feel heavy or light, somewhere in between, I would say, feels like a 65-66 when you hold it, feels like a 64 while spinning, and it spins really long, and smooth. Vibeless smooth. No vibe on both string hold and the finger test. The arc handles everything I threw at it, I still can't do horizontal stuff so yea, but I think this thing can handle it well. I'm still a starter at finger spin, so I attempted, and I do think that it's really possible for players who are real good at it.

Now I can't really say it feels "tranparent" when I was playing with the arc, "transparent" is a term 7yoyodesign used to describe the feel that "UltraFeels" is refering to, but what I felt might be it.
All in all, I would really say the arc is a really nice yoyo, competition level, leisure too, something worth throwing. I haven't switch between throws today ever since I got it.

Now, 7yoyodesign just release this yoyo, I think, yesterday, in China. It might be in some good online stores, or you could get it straight from Zhang. The 7yoyodesign arc will cost you about 129USD, sans the shipping. You can contact Zhang at, which is also his PayPal address for the time being. But it's best you check with him through the email.

If any of you have got a different opinion of this yoyo, do feel free to comment to this entry!

Sunday, 10 May 2015

Friday, 8 May 2015


Pre-order was opened to China, and ending tonight at 12am, China Time Zone (UTC+08:00)
So players outside of China, your only chance of pre-ordering one is getting in touch with someone from China.

Shipments to stores should start after the 10th May. No idea when it's going to go on sale though, I got words that YoYoExpert is going to be one of the store carrying these, so yea.

Information you might want to know is, these are believed to be relatively affordable, and there's only 200 pieces produced for this batch, and then there's going to be refinement to the next, so collectors, you might want to camp on this, because you know the next batch will never be the same.

And no information on when the next batch will be ready.