Monday, 20 October 2014

Hacchi & Hacchi Caps Update

Had a little talk with Hideki and learnt that he's trying out new stuff!
Wooden material 3D printed Hacchi, but not too easy to produce with the printer that Hideki is using.

Also, Bronze Hacchi caps! This one weighs heavier, and in my opinion, gives a different look to it.
Hideki mentioned that it'll shine after polish.

Can't wait to see what else Hideki have to offer!

You can also visit Hideki's blog for more images and infos.

Yo-Style 2014

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Hideki Toho's 3D printed Hacchi

So. Hideki sent me the Glow in the Dark Hacchi!
He initially wanted to send me the Hacchi caps as well, but he accidentally left them out without knowing, I was looking for it in the package but they weren't there. So let's take a look at some photos before you watch the video of me opening the package and assembling the yoyo.

Hacchi can fit both the 3D printed axle, and also the Proyo wooden axle, which I prefer.
It's pretty light, but it's not a competing yoyo, and the fact that Hideki didn't start out as a yo-yo maker, he only 3D printed other stuff for personal use, and then he produce the Yin Yang yoyo because he was inspired by a Guitarist which somehow have something to do with Yin Yang, maybe his trademark or something, but nothing else was easy enough to carry around so he produced a yoyo that's Yin Yang. And this kind of kick start his yo-yo printing hobby.

So you can see the honeycomb pattern used in most of his products, I personally like it, as I've mentioned before, I first see Shunsuke carrying it on his backpack and was wondering what was that. I like how everything about it look like, it's also a fun to carry around yoyo. A little bit more weight would work even more to my liking! But nonetheless I still enjoy this yoyo!

So here's the video, opening the package, assembling the yoyo, trying out the yoyo, showing the glow. Note that Hideki left out the Hacchi caps by mistake, so there aren't any caps shown.

You can get your own Hacchi by contacting Hideki at
However, it takes time for him to print it. As of now, he can print approximately 10 pieces per month, so if you want one, you'll have to pre-order it.

Colors available now are: Lemon, Orange, Peach, Grape, Melon and Glow.
Price is 20USD for the regular colors, and 30USD for the glow ones.
He will ship by EMS, he told me the estimated shipping but I think it'll be best you guys check with him again as I guess it differs from country to country. But the shipping is pretty fast, I received mine within days.

So Hacchi is a fun yoyo that you can carry everywhere, with the honeycomb pattern and holes, I believe mods can be done to it if you really want some weight. I also think it can be bearingized if you have the right spacers and bearings.

I'll post about the Hacchi caps when I get them.

Sunday, 12 October 2014

Pico Creator Fascinate & Bubble Light

New plastics from Pico Creator, the Fascinate, and the Bubble Light.

A 91yoyo forum user bought the Fascinate and shared pictures of it too.

I personally dig stuff from Pico, but I haven't been checking on them for a while now. This caught my attention. And it glows, apparently.

Monday, 6 October 2014

LEGOcap for FreehandZERO made by 3Dprinter

Hideki Touhou at it.
While yo-yo player who have access to a 3D printer is busy making replicas of other yoyos, or creating their own, Hideki Touhou went ahead to experiment with different stuff like add-ons and stuff. Over here is a cap that let you put on Lego blocks.

Duncan Metal Racer

So these are pictures of the Duncan Metal Racer that I was talking about previously, turns out they're from Taka's Facebook timeline. The shape reminds me of the old Yomega Hyper Warp Wing but wider of course. I kinda dig it.

Yoyorecreation Akitoshi Tokubuchi | SUMMER2014 in PRAGUE

Sunday, 5 October 2014

Duncan Triumph

Something that Sebby shared on his Instagram. I also dig the Duncan Metal Racer, saw the photo some where on Facebook the other day but didn't grab it.