Thursday, 30 April 2015

REBELLION by YoYoRecreation


When Yoyorecreation started, our mission was - and continues to be - to provide high end made in Japan yo-yos for the world to use.
However since travelling the world through yo-yoing, and meeting the many communities which make up the yo-yo scene, it became increasingly clear that super-high-end yo-yos were simply out of reach for many players.
Seeing this, we strongly felt the desire to develop a new price-band of products. After much painstaking work, we are proud to announce the start of a second brand - Rebellion - which will co-exist along side Yoyorecreation.
By applying our know-how from years of making yo-yos in Japan, and sourcing overseas factories, we have been able to develop some high quality products with an emphasis on affordability.
At Japan Nationals Rebellion will be releasing 3 (yes 3!), new models!

5,980 JPY
Despite its wide shape, the Acro is a very stable yo-yo. It really shines through when performing tricks such as hops which are aided by its width.
This first run will be available in red and black.

6,480 JPY
The unique rim shape of the Butcher provides excellent weight distribution and superb performance. This model is aimed at players who prefer an organic feel, and have a balanced play-style which demands all-round performance.
The first run will be available in matte green and matte black.

5,480 JPY
The Golyat has an over-sized shape, machined out of polyacetal resin. The resin has a naturally smooth texture, and the yo-yo plays exceptionally nimbly.
The first fun will be available in blue and black.
Yoyorecreation - Pursuing the epitome in yo-yo quality and design.
Rebellion - Providing a higher quality yo-yo experience to the world.

Monday, 27 April 2015

MagicYoYo 4A yoyo

Material : Delrin
Bearing size : C Size
Hub : Aluminum Alloy 6061
Weight :80.36g
Width :58.64mm
Diameter :79mm
Gap wiidth : 2.52mm, 2.35mm and 2.74mm

Sunday, 19 April 2015

Takuto YoCats Whitehole

Latest from Luo Yi Cheng, aka Takuto, is the YoCats Whitehole.
58mm diameter, 42mm width, and weighing at 65g.

Supposedly build with stability and speed in mind.

One of the way to get it I think is by emailing Takuto at