Sunday, 27 July 2014

Ngabuburit - Indonesia Yoyoing

Acquaintance: JIM with ADDICTION

Acquaintance Ho Swee Jim with the sOMEThING by YoYoAddict Addiction.

Acquaintance: YoYoSkeel Super Bright featuring Shakeel

I don't own a Super Bright but I've tried one, and my opinion is it's good, I personally feel that it feels different from the usual YoYoSkeel yoyos, it could be because of the step that's been removed, or the shape, or even the change of factory whatsoever, but I was really really telling Shakeel that he have got to let people try his new product, just so players who have previously tried the earlier products can feel the difference. I don't know about you, some of you may or may not tell me "it's the same", but I definitely think it's different. But it's after all just my opinion, enjoy the short video!

Friday, 18 July 2014

Honeycomb Honeybee

Diameter: 58.1mm

Width: 41.5mm

Weight: 37.4g

Bearing: C size (JAM Larger Sutra)

Response: YYR ring

Materials / output method: Nylon / 3DDMM

This yoyo is produced using the 3D printer, I saw this hanging on Shunsuke Kawakami's bag and was wondering if it's a yo-yo, it was a looping version, and then after AP saw this surface on Facebook, so I've been interested in it since.

More info can be found at Hideki Touhou's blog.

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Acquaintance: SJ4000@AP2014

Nothing much from me this year, decided to attend the event pretty last minute, and decide to try out the new action camera I got, not a GoPro, just an pretty good alternative, so I was trying it out on some of the players. I didn't film a lot of players this year, mostly catching up with old friends and worrying about the battery life too.

Really got to hand it to Hans and crew, great event once again.
Emcee great as usual.
Love seeing Kentaro Mannen rocking his Bapes and showing off his tricks! Really would have wanted to film him but he was on Kendama most of the time so I didn't wanna cut him.
Friends from Taiwan are crazy as usual, even though we didn't talk much, was pretty impressed by Xiao-Wen by her finger spin trick during the battle.
Lunch with Chris, Hiroyuki, Kazuya & his dad Eiji was a fun experience, Kazuya is funny and cute at the same time.
It's a pity Sean Hung didn't hit his last trick but you'll see it in the video.
I didn't watch many of the freestyles this year, like I said, was mostly catching up with friends.
Congrats to Ahmad Kharisma for defending his title, making him the 2nd person to take the champion title in 1A more than 1 time in AP.
Hiroyuki, in my opinion, did a great freestyle, I was rather surprise to have hear his name being announced as 3rd, not complaining, just my thought.
Shinji Saito kind of made a comeback, great freestyle, crazy battle during Champion of Champions.
Jeon Ji Hwan is crazy, so so crazy, finally taking the crown home, look forward to him defending his title next AP.
Hajime Miura was C-R-A-Z-Y. SMOOTH. Don't know what to say man.
Christopher Chia's freestyle, even though wasn't flawless but I still enjoyed, the nostalgia feeling when the music hits. Hope to see him getting it back next AP.
There's so much to say but I can't put them in order and I honestly got school stuff to do, so I'll have to just go now, and hope y'all enjoy a wee bit watching this video while the Official AP2014 is still being edited, and also while the other unofficial AP2014 video is still being edited.