Thursday, 5 June 2014

YoYoSkeel Superbright by Chayanan Jeensomboonpanit

"YOYOSKEEL introduce to you our new products for year 2014, SUPERBRIGHT. Superbright is our new signature yo-yo designed by 4X Thailand National Champion, Chayanan Jeensomboonpanit aka Bright. Based the originals shape of our 1st and top selling products STALKER, SUPERBRIGHT makes a very different feels of play, and more solid performance compare to previous series. Its adjusted gap and less wide makes SUPERBRIGHT good for smooth string tricks play especially for horizontal trick play."

Yo-yo specs:
Shape : Wing Shape
Weight (g) : 67 grams
Width (mm) : 43
Diameter (mm) : 57.5
Gap Width (mm) : 39.50
Bearing Size : 250 x .500 x .187
Gap Type : Fixed
String : YYS String

Looking at the picture, I'm guessing this may be the yoyo I've been waiting for YoYoSkeel to produce. I personally would have like the Stalker 2 more if not for the step on the wall area, really enjoy playing with the Stalker 2 but the step really bugs me, even talked to Shakeel about it quite often. I look forward to trying out the Super Bright since it's based on the Stalker 2.

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