Sunday, 28 April 2013

'Yo-Yo Effect' Yoyo performance in Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Regarding AP2013

Hey all,

we need your cooperation on this!
We are currently trying to reserve space at Hotel Bencoolen for the weekend of AP 2013.

If you require a Hotel room for AP 2013 at Hotel Bencoolen, please drop us an email at

We are doing this earlier, before we put up the registration to try to ensure that all who needs a room at Hotel Bencoolen can get one!

***If you see this, please help us to share/spread the word to all your respective country AP 2013 participants, or friends thinking of coming to watch! Thanks!


There's gonna be lack of updates in the blog due to school again. During this time, I'll probably be only posting mostly videos. And I wanna do a GIVEAWAY, for whatever reason.

Ain't saying what I'm giving but it's a yoyo. You don't have to like this page if you don't want to, but I want you guys to share this status and comment on this status, why should I send it to you?

Share it for the benefit of those who don't know about this giveaway. If there's a particular person you want me to send to, tag him and comment a reason. I'll pick one when there's enough shares and comments as I've only got one to give now.

Go on to Facebook and share & comment on this status now.

YoYoSkeel SEC Vol2

Saturday, 27 April 2013

SLUSNY: Alternative Binds

Always enjoy something like this, alternative way to a trick, Slusny gang does alternative ways to binds!

Duncan Ironman Proyos

"Here at Duncan we are super excited about Marvel's Iron Man 3 coming to theatres May 3rd! To celebrate one of the summer’s biggest block busters, we are releasing limited edition Iron Man™ 3 Proyo® yo-yos! Available exclusively at Walgreens stores for a limited time!"

digging the gold one.

RecRev Presents: Sine//Saw feat. Anthony Rojas

ADEGLE: Waiting For Someone

Sunday, 21 April 2013


How often do you see a Yuuki video nowadays?

BLACK: My journey to yo-yo mastery

Street yoyo holder by Jayson

So I've made this for sale, if anyone's even interested, drop me a facebook message or email me iamjjaysonn AT gmail DOT com.
Comes in single lace and double lace.
USD5 for single lace shipped.
USD7 for double lace shipped.
+USD1 for registered mail.
Local no shipping, check with me again.

A Night in Fort Collins

Friday, 19 April 2013

Alexis JV: Her

I really how how this video is being presented.

God-Tricks Return

Got this from Pang Long's Facebook.
This is a raw version of "RETURN"
Width (mm):40
Weight (g): 68
Coming soon!

Thanks Ilya for the heads up.

TOP YO presents Tsai with the TOP

Broken Fingers Birch

New Russian yoyo makers, Broken Fingers are gonna release their new yoyo, the Birch.
The yoyos aren't out yet, but here's the cad drawings to show you guys what's to expect.
The yoyos will be anodised by Crucial, what's more, the guts will be Crucial'd, the bearing and axle and pads. No specs yet as it's still under prototype and expected to be improved.

Seven Swords Yoyo

I was browsing through some auction site and came upon these yoyos made in China, they're all from the same maker, if I actually get it right, Seven Swords is the name of the maker. I'm not translating the yoyo's name though, as not to confuse people who are gonna search for the yoyo and get wrong info instead. So here are the pictures.

Diameter: 49mm
Width: 40mm
Weight: 62g

Here's another that comes in two versions.

this one is a side by side comparison with the first yoyo.
and here's a special edition of some sort I think, which I kind of dig.

 Diameter: 51mm
Width: 38mm
Weight: 64g

Here's another one with two versions. First, the normal edition, supposingly.

And then there's the Dragon edition.

 Diameter: 52mm
Width: 40mm
Weight: 66g

Not much info except for the Specs, anyone fill me in with info if you know of any?

YoyoFactory presents: Loop1080

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Coleman Weimer x Innovation Movement

Kitty String 1.5

Kitty String: We are getting ready for this first collaboration string with IrPad.

Kitty String 1.5 is a special string designed by Ryosuke Iwasawa know as the "Laceration King".

His been using Kitty String for a long time and we decided to create a collaborate string that suits to his play style.

In fact this Kitty String 1.5 was used by Iwasawa when he won the recent Regionals in Japan.

The release date is not yet final but we are already starting the production.

It will be available at IRparlor the official store of IRpads and YoYoExpert.

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Opinion: Shuang Huan Bullet

No specs for this yoyo either. The first few times I tried to take this yoyo apart, I was having problems, it was very tight, and now when I take them apart it's easier now, but putting them back wasn't smooth, it felt rough. First thing first, I would say this yoyo feels really solid, feels rim weighted, and it's slightly undersized in the hand. I remember the first time I threw the Bullet, it had a pretty smooth spins, but now on a string hold test, it vibes a little, I can't give a grade of how much it vibes because it's subjective. On a finger test, you feel that vibe too. Now it vibes a wee bit, but it's stable and solid all the same, really. 

The shape of this design just doesn't appeal me, it's a little H-profile, I kind of dig H-profile shaped yoyos, but this one's kind of turn off for me, it's feels pretty edgy in the hand, not sure about you guys, but I don't like how it feels in the hand, it just doesn't feel like the regular H-profiled yoyos I've got. Playing wise, I would still say, it's solid, and pretty stable, but not as smooth due to the viby feel after the few take aparts that cause it, I presume. It's still pretty fast on the string, handles combos and tricks, long spins. The little vibe aside, this is probably the first time I mention this, this is really not my kind of yoyo, not that it's bad, it's just not to my liking, but it's subjective, I don't dig yoyos that feels edgy in the hand, and I don't dig really solid feeling yoyos, I prefer floaty ones. Check out the video to see what the yoyo is capable of, it's not bad, just not something I would like.

Opinion: Shuang Huan Sniper

My first impression when I saw this is, it looks like the C3YoyoDesign Darkstar, which is one of my favorite yoyos. However It does not play like one.

I don't have the specs for it, but it feels a little bit over size, like a slightly bigger Darkstar, when you hold it in the hand. Feels maybe like a 67-68g yoyo, it didn't felt like it when you hold it, but kind of feel so when you start playing. The bearing seat aren't too tight, you can take apart easily, and also the bearing can be removed easily.
 First of all, I would like to say I kind of like this yoyo, but like I say, I have a different liking to yoyos compare to most. The Sniper has a pretty wide catch zone, from the way it's design and the way it feels during play, I would say the weight's made to be distributed to the outside. I think it feels a little floaty, which is probably why I like it, it does not feels very solid. On a string hold test, it does have that wee bit slight roughness, finger test however, feels fine, could be just me. The grinds weren't great, normal I would say. Horizontal like always, I'm not sure man, apologies on that, my horizontal suck. However, the Sniper's got this IRG-ish lip thing on the inner rim, that may be possible to do IRG stuffs though, but I failed to do so. Once again, I would say it feels like an oversized Darkstar in the hand, but does not play like one at all. Like most yoyos I've tried, it handles stuff I threw at it, actually, which yoyos nowadays don't? probably just a matter of whether you like how it felt when doing the tricks. I would say I'm comfortable with it, I would compete with it. But it's always better to try it out yourself, maybe if this yoyo is released under a different brand name, it would have gotten better impressions by other players.