Sunday, 25 November 2012

44CLASH 2012 Results

 1 - Luis Enrique Villasenor
2 - Zach Gormley
3 - Marcus Koh
4 - Hiroyuki Suzuki
5 - Paul Kerbel

1 - Masakazu Yamasaki
2 - Ginji Miura
3 - Shunsuke Kawakami
4 - Satoshi Yamauchi
5 - Shu Takada

1 - Rei Iwakura
2 - Ben Conde
3 - Bryan Figueroa
4 - Yasuki Tachibana
5 - Tomohiko Zanka

Taken from HiredToWin!

TopYoNation PLUTO

Latest from TopYoNation, the PLUTO have gone through many refining, the PLUTO is said to still provide powerful spin while playing fast. Also, this time round, TopYo collabs with IrPad to give you the best response you can get!

Saturday, 24 November 2012

MagicYoYo Plastic

Not sure of the name yet, but now that quite a few makers are going into producing their plastic range, I'm actually looking forward to how this plays.

Friday, 23 November 2012

BreakBeatYo Delrins

BreakBeatYo have some new stuff in the making!
First off, their first plastic/delrin range, the Wind.

This is their first 4A yoyo, the Snow, wonder how it plays!

Over here is their latest prototype, seems like the name given is Image.

I personally dig the Lover from BreakBeatYo, and believe there'll be more better stuff coming from them. Look forward to trying the delrin though, when I tried the TopYo Cloud, it was amazing, it doesn't feels like regular delrin yoyo, I wonder how the BBY's delrin gonna feel like.

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Asia Pacific Yoyo Championship 2012 Clip Video

Yes, it's been pretty long, but finally, it's here, the official AP2012 video clip!
Probably the best I've watched! Thanks Paul Tang!

Sunday, 18 November 2012

C3 X 44CLASH X Kikstyo Glitter


44CLASH x C3yoyodesign x KIKS TYO collaboration limited yoyo - GLITTER!!!

GLITTER - Sparkle, Brilliance and Glamour. This is the first cooperation project between C3yoyodesign, KIKSTYO and 44clash. We wanna design a yoyo to present how much we respect all the finalist on 44CLASH stage. They are Stars, Stars from everywhere around the world.

You may say GLITTER is smaller size Berserker without Bi-metal design. Yes, It's true but just partly. During the meeting with 44CLASH committee and KIKSTYO at headquarter of KIKSTYO in Tokyo,Japan, we concluded that the shape of Berserker can provide a good hand feeling. At the same time, we wanna make this design ready for contest and affordable for most of the players. GLITTER has a strong binding feeling. With the 54mm diameter, player can do tricks with speed and good flexibility.

In this project, KIKSTYO in-charged in the appearance design, They chose these stuning color combinations and designed laser engraving for Glitter to add the finishing touch.

GLITTER will be first released during 44Clash Japan 2012. Worldwide limited 100pcs.


Weight: 67.83grams
Width: 43.4mm
Diameter: 53.94mm
Gap width: 3.80mm
Bearing Size (Inside x Outside x Width): .250 x .500 x .187 in
Gap Type: Fixed
Response: Silicon sticker / flowable silicon - agblaqvidain - yoyo video

X3's Teh Yo!

C3yoyodesign Presents : ALPHA CRASH

Philippine National Yoyo Contest 2012


Magyar Yo-Yo Bajnoksag 2012

Saturday, 17 November 2012

Friday, 16 November 2012

Limited edition Marvel and DC Comics Yo-Yos

Check out the Duncan website!

Also check out this 44CLASH edition Barracuda! Sick.

Double B - Bryan Jardin X Maya "Buko" Nakamura

Escapin' Boundaries ft. Thawhir Iqbal

Nice local video in my opinion, like him, hate him, he's the 2012 Singapore 3A champion.
Can't deny he's probably the best in our small island (duh~ national champion!). Ain't sure if he's representing Diamont Noir though.

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Yoyo Book!

Just wanna share with you guys what I've been busying with at school, currently one of the assignments I'm doing, for the pre-press module, is this, but this is just half done. enjoy.

*Updated! This is suppose to be how the final book look like, everything is handmade, pages aren't printed in duplex, but back to back pasting.

Sunday, 11 November 2012

2A Silhouettes iPhone Case

Sorry for the lack of updates, I have been busy with school assignment for the past weeks.
Currently doing Pre-press module and I chose yoyo as the topic for making a book, so at the same time I'm actually creating images for it, and thought of putting it on tees and cases!

If anyone's interested, do check them out!

Saturday, 10 November 2012

AYYA: 10 Years and Throwing - The Unreleased Documentary

"A few years ago, the American Yo-Yo Association hired the very talented Seth of Save Deth team and Miguel Correa collaborated with some if the most talented players in the industry to tell the story of the 10 year transition from responsive play to modern unresponsive play. Prior to the DVD release, the AYYA dissolved and the duties absorbed by the National YoYo League. The DVD was printed and produced but never saw a release due to a legal constriction the NYYL found itself in. After talking it over with the NYYL heads, they have agreed to release the documentary on free for everyone to view. Without further ado, I present the unreleased AYYA documentary."

Anti-Yo's next one?

Anti-Yo posted a photo of this on twitter, excited?
No infos yet~

YoYoAddict *HYPE

YoYoFactory Presents: Arizona State Contest 2012 *CLIP VIDEO*

First Arizona State Yoyo Contest hosted by YoYoFactory!


The Ghosts of the City

Friday, 2 November 2012

YoYoAddict X Porter 2012-13 AW.

Yomega vs The Hells Angels

Yomega & Toys'r'Us got sued?

I haven't got time to really go reading about it, but saw this on YoYoSkills and thought I'll share about it, do visit YoYoSkills to read more!

Rocky Racoon

Leaving by Zdenek Hybl

Fabio Gallerani Presents - Never Seen

Fabio wants to share this video with you guys!
Yoyo performance in a club!

Yonity Axle testing

YONITY still testing on their CNC machined axle, new and improved, this stuff are expected to be better than the previous batch, I'm glad YONITY didn't just stop at that.

YoyoAcq Tees

Regular and Distorted Logo Tee online now~
Get yours if you like it, it may fund me for a .com or something~