Friday, 11 October 2013

Thursday, 10 October 2013


Diameter: 56mm
Width: 43.8mm
Weight: 67.4 / 67.2g
String Gap: 5mm

First of all I want to point out this little etched part you see over here that appears like a defect is not actually a defect in the laser engrave, it's actually the YONITY logo within the Jei logo.

And below are 2 macro shot of the bearing seat and the axle as the axle is actually their selling point, but because the Jei MK2 I've got appears to be one of the first few produced, like a pre-launch or something, that may be the reason why the axle is different from the one that you may see on the YONITY site.

I've always look forward to new products from YONITY, the Dao was the first I got from Jex, and then the pre-pro Jei and a couple other yoyos after, each one shows improvement, they may or may not be what everyone wants but I personally like those yoyos. So when I know I'll be receiving a Jei MK2 I was pretty excited.

The Jei MK2 when I first got it came with new pads which were a little too "responsive" for my liking, a little snaggy, but after a few playing session, the pads worn down a little, that's when I really start to enjoy playing with it. Even though with the worn out pads, it still provides a very tight bind, and very smooth, fast and stable on the string. I have to point out that the one I got from Jex is according to him, "the first few pieces of his own", which I interpret as pre-production, or what some might just call a b-grade, so the ali-axle may be different from production versions, as you can see from the picture I provided and the pictures from the YONITY website. I've not try the production version, I'm not sure of the difference in play if any. But judging on mine, it's pretty stable, smooth, may feel a little bit of vibe feel during play, but it affects nothing, and of course handles everything I threw at it. I would say those who tried it think it's fairly good. I'm not sure how big of a difference would the one with weight rings play, but I'm guessing not much except of a more different feel. I would definitely suggest trying it! Check out the video of the YONITY Jei MK2 featuring Hafiq.