Saturday, 27 October 2012

D.I.Y yoyo stand

Just sharing some DIY yoyo stands I made out of the left over grey boards and mounting boards from my school work, just took a few minutes to do them, try them out!

Monday, 22 October 2012

YYMCR 2012 Freestyles

CLYW keeping the fire lit at Nationals 2012

YoyoAcq Presents: Jereme Mah with MagicYoYo N11

A quick one on this, my school re-opens tomorrow and I won't be as free like the past 2 months for the next 4 months, so I haven't written on my opinions on some yoyos, so I'll probably post the opinions and promo videos on separate entries depending on which comes first, unlike the opinion posted for the past 2 months which came with the promo videos, so hope everyone can get used to it.

On the MagicYoYo N11, a quick one, I used to like the very first T5 from MagicYoYo, the rest were fine but I don't really dig them, and then came the N11, which I dig, but it's just me.

The N11 has an undercut wall like the YYF AG and Takuto's L4, probably why the N11 plays differently from the other models? I'm not exactly sure of that, but I really have to say it plays pretty nicely and feels comfortable in the hand. I would say the N11 is pretty smooth and stable(with weight ring), but I haven't dinged it once so I can't vouch for it's durability. On a string-hold test, there wasn't vibe, neither is there on the finger test, for me. the grinds were alright, not too much to expect, but the smoothness on the string is nice, that's why I prefer it to the other MagicYoYo models. It comes with silicone/rubber weight rings, I feel inserting the rings make it more stable, however I play without them, I prefer how it feels without the rings on. But with or without, both setups play pretty fast, but maybe without the weight rings, it isn't as stable though. The N11, like all MagicYoYo yoyos, comes with their own concave bearing, haven't really locked up on me so far, in fact spins pretty long, stocked. I would suggest giving it a try~

Not exactly a opinion entry, but do share your opinions on the N11 if you've tried one.

Saturday, 20 October 2012

BreakBeatYo Atlantis & Sandstorm

The BreakBeatYo Sandstorm has a shape similar, or rather, exactly the same as the Fire and Killer.

The BreakBeatYo Atlantis, however, has a different shape to the other BreakBeatYo yoyos.
I actually prefer this to the Sandstorm's shape, wonder how it plays, I dig the Lover though.
Click for more photos!

Graeme Steller X Innovation Movement

Friday, 19 October 2012

Sora Ishikawa - Five Finger Suicide!

I hardly post contest entry video, especially when they're short clips, but look at this, it's just crazy!!!!
Now don't even start questioning how many takes/tries were attempted, because even if it's countless tries, it's still freakin' impressive, especially when the finger went into each individual loops respectively, in order! Crazy shit.

YONITY Jei mk2

7075 T6 Body
Gilding Brass Ring
TC4 Titanium Axle

Coming in 2013
Made in Taiwan

I like the YONITY Jei alot, and I look forward to this one, brass ring aside, it seems like the shape is changed, by quite a bit.

Team TOP YO nation Shen Dongdong---Take a Smoke

MagicYoYo 60 on 6 Video Contest Extended!

To give an opportunity to those who are still working on the video,
we hereby announce the extension of time on the 60 on 6 video contest till 31october 2012, 24.00 (china time).
Therefore, those who haven't completed the video, need revision video ( we give once to revise as our term) or still make a 60 on 6 video contests, it's your chance to win the prize!

If, in one country , the video entry LESS than 5 contestant, we'll not choice a winner from that country, because we want choice a winner contest fair as possible, hope you all understand :)

And you know what, ..impress us !, because maybe we interesting to your profile to become our new family!
Also we want to say Thank You for participant who already entering, we appreciate it!

All video Entry 60 on 6 video contest via share link or email available in and

If your video not available in both link ,please us know via our email
Thank you!

For more information, visit the MagicYoYo Facebook Page!

General-Yo Majesty Production

Previous specs: 55.4mm diameter, 43.3mm width, 67.8g, 4.6mm gap.

Final specs: 55.2mm diameter, 43.3mm width, 66.9g, 4.6mm gap.

Rebel Yoyo Macrocom

Yomega Glide

AERO-YO PRO Team presents: Delta by Rodion Sigov (2012)

Oxygène Syzygy

Oxygène Syzygy, the new Oxy model featuring aluminum alloy halves powered with anodized Titanium weight rings. The project was possible thanking YoYoJam Inc, which kindly licensed Patent D648,810.

Two versions will be available at the first release:
blue rings, weighting 67.5 gr. and green rings for 64.2 gr.

Diameter: 54 mm
Width: 43
Bearing: Concave 6 x 13 x 5 (with Dif-e-Yo kind permission) 

Release: November 2012

Caption taken from the Oxygene FB!

9.8 Yoyo Overtime

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Opinions: TopYoNation Mercury, Mercury L, & Paladin

Like I mentioned in the opinion on TopYo Earth entry, I'll be talking about these 3 TopYo yoyos in one entry. My school re-opens next week and I'm afraid I won't have time again, so here goes.

TopYo yoyos are yoyo I would really recommend to players, because like I mentioned, they're really great yoyos, if you play with them blindfolded, or maybe, without telling you the brand and without any logos on it, you probably won't know it's from China. China yoyo makers are really stepping up their game, their yoyos are getting better and better.

Before I move on, all the TopYo yoyos I've received came with their own 10-ball concave bearing, and what seems like the CBC response pad. More photos~

TopYo Mercury.
Specs: 54.11mm diameter, 42.64mm width, 66.3g.

I love the Earth, but I dig the Mercury too, it is really nice to play with.
The Mercury is just a little smaller in diameter than the Earth, in fact the shape's very similar, while the Earth's shape have a more rounded outline, the Mercury have a straighter cut. And even though the diameter difference is very little, when hold in the palm, you feel the difference.

On a string hold test, there is no single vibe, finger test is very smooth, in fact I've dinged it a couple times, it does not affect the play and smooth one bit, bearing haven't lock up on me yet. The bind is tight. The bearing seat is snug, not too tight, bearing can be removed with a regular bearing removal tool, I used a C3's. The one I got is a CYCC2012 edition with raw surface, but these days grinding wasn't much of an issue for me, but if you gonna get one, it's probably gonna be anodized, so the grinding should be better. The Mercury is very stable and provide very long spins, regular stuff like combos, slacks, and whip are great too, it's fast and smooth on the string, within fusion combos, and not snaggy, so far it hasn't tilt on me throughout a combo just yet. Horizontal did not seem like an issue to the reps. 
I would say if you like the feel of the Earth, but you prefer something slightly smaller but not too undersized, do try the Mercury!

TopYo Mercury L.
Specs: 58.66mm diameter, 44.55mm width, 67.4g.

The Mercury L is a larger version of the Mercury, thus the L I guess? I'm not really sure if that's the reason though. But they don't really feel the same in terms of play, the Mercury L is just a little larger than the Earth by about 1mm in diameter, but nearly 2-3mm larger than the Mercury, definitely a difference when holding it. And the shape's kind of different, even though they're the same yoyo with different size. Look at the photos below.

From the last photo above, you can see clearly, the shape outline of the two yoyo, while the Mercury(right) have a slight step or H-profile on the inner catch zone, the Mercury L almost have a straight cut all the way to the wall. The Mercury L, although still as smooth, in my opinion, does feel a tad different from the Mercury and Earth, and for an oversized yoyo, it feels really nice to play with, in fact, it does not really feel like an oversized when played.

On a string hold test, the Mercury L does not vibe, WeiXuan accidentally ding it pretty hard on the ground while filming, leaving pretty deep scratch, but still, it didn't vibe, finger test was still smooth, doesn't feel a tad bit of vibe on the yoyo. Bind is tight, with the same response and bearing. The Mercury L I got is a orange anodized one, however, it's different from the Earth which have a more beadblasted feeling to it. Most oversized yoyo have a slight throw-back feeling, but the Mercury L does not have this feeling, at least I didn't get that feeling when I play. If you get this feeling do leave in the comment section for the benefit of those who might want to get one. The Mercury L provide very long spins and definitely stable, it doesn't tilt when played fast, very sturdy on the string, combos, slacks and whips are all fun and nice, it's smooth and fast within the strings during combos, and even though oversized, it can still be played fast, maybe because of the 67g weight, I think it's considered light for a oversized yoyo in my opinion. Like mentioned it does not play/feel like an oversized yoyo, in fact I think it'll be a pretty neat competing yoyo, of course I would choose the Earth over it any time though, but that's just me, do try out the Mercury L if you have the chance!

TopYo not only have the regular and oversized yoyo, they also have an undersized one, the Paladin.
More photos.

TopYo Paladin.
Specs: 51.54mm diameter, 41mm width, 66.6g.

On first look, it looks exactly the same like the Mercury, but that's because of the raw finish and shape, the shape's very similar to the Mercury, but have a wider/longer inner catch-zone, the slight H-profile in another words, it also have this small step wall that the Earth, Mercury and Mercury L does not sport, also, the Paladin have very thick rims compared to the three other TopYo yoyos, probably to compensate for its weight and size.
I usually dig undersized yoyo, I like the YYF 07 888, the Messiah, the DreamYo/Macau Man, the Adegle Glaze, etc, but even though the Paladin is nice to play with, I don't dig it that much. Even though, I still find the shape nice to hold, because it's not the sharp edged shape, but a more rounded one which is comfortable.

So this one haven't really been dinged yet, on a string hold, it does not vibe either, finger test is fine too.
Bearing seat on this is snug, very easily removed with a bearing removal tool.
Even though undersized, with thick rims, at 66.5g, it doesn't feel heavy on the palm. The bind isn't tight like the other TopYo, it can be slippy at times, the response pad does not seem recessed, however, the string gap does seems a wee bit wider than the other TopYo, but it could be due to the size and shape that's causing that visual error, I'm not too sure, I can't find any measurements anywhere.
The Paladin, even though undersized, provide pretty long, powerful spins, probably due to the huge rims, however, I feel the stability isn't as good as the other TopYo, it tilts when played fast, for me.
Other regular stuff like string/fusion combos isn't much of an issue due to the relatively wide catch zone, it helps on front style tricks too. Reps tried horizontal tricks and it was achievable. Like the Mercury, the Paladin I got is a CYCC edition that is raw, which is mentioned from the beginning in this article of the Paladin, so the grinding surface probably won't be as good as compared to anodized one. I mentioned that I don't dig this as much, because of the bind, it's not tight enough for me, but do give it a try if you get to, you may like it.

Overall, I would really recommend, again, TopYo yoyos to players, once again, no discrimination here, but most of us know there's this feeling a China made yoyo gives us, and TopYo does not have that, they're definitely great yoyos in my opinion and you guys should give them a try, in the near future, I believe the term "China made" yoyos won't be used often, because of the rapid mass improvement of their yoyos.

Do leave your opinion on any of these yoyos in the comment section if you've tried them before, but have a different opinion to mine, for the benefit of those who may be wanting to get any of these yoyos.

Hiroyuki Suzuki Eli Hop Guinness Record Update

From what I see, Hiroyuki did 77 hops on the 2nd try, and 78 on the 3rd.

Hiroyuki needs to do more than 72 to break his previous record, but apparently, the record taker told Hiroyuki he did 67 on the 2nd try, and 68 on the 3rd, which is exactly 10 hops lesser than what we all saw, so no, Hiroyuki didn't manage to set a new record. I'm clueless.

Here's more from another point of view.
first attempt.

second attempt.

third attempt.

I personally think the clicker was faulty, but that's just me, it's possible.
Many people who saw these videos counted about 77-78 hops, but the judges counted exactly 10 hops less. Maybe the "6" got stucked or something, that happens to clickers, right?


Tuesday, 16 October 2012