Friday, 24 July 2015

Acquaintance presents: Ahmad Kharisma

Have known Kharis for a while now, we don't talk a lot, but I've always wanted to do a video on him, finally this year at AP2015, got some time during the breaks to get things done. It's a joy watching his trick up close, a different experience.

Acquaintance presents: Toru Miyazaki

One of the most consistent player I've met. Took less than 10 minutes taking all his footages. Definitely a contender.

Acquaintance presents: Mizuki Takimoto

Mizuki's one of the craziest player I've came across. Both in routine and off stage, by off stage I mean when he's not playing yoyo. A overall funny yet talented player!

Yoyorecreation Portrait : Ryota Ogi 2015

Joyride Preview

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Warehouse Weekend

Tyler Severance has left YoYoFactory. But good news it he started his own yoyo company.
You can also like their Facebook Page for future updates, and follow their Instagram account too.

Wednesday, 8 July 2015

AP2015 sOMEThING / IZM by YoYoAddict

Team sOMEThING and Team IZM at AP 2015!

AP 2015 by Brian Low

This is I think the first AP 2015 video clip to be released.
This one is by local player Brian Low. I guess we'll be seeing more video clips from AP 2015 from other players and video editor as well in the next few weeks?

Also, this year, I'm not producing any clip video, but rather, player video, do keep a look out for those!

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Acquaintance presents: Shakeel with YoYoSkeel Strive

Shakeel with YoYoSkeel's latest yoyo, also Thawhir Iqbal's signature yoyo, the Strive.

Acquaintance presents: Ayumu Harada

I'm glad I got to film Ayumu at AP2015, he has some of the best tricks today, and the consistency is impressive. Hope he'll get his own signature yoyo some day!