Thursday, 26 June 2014

Pulsefire Yoyo

So I saw Tyler Hsieh posted some yoyos he made in the B/S/T yoyo group in Facebook, and was thinking of asking him more about it to see if I could post anything useful for those who may be interested in getting one. Here's the whole conversation we had.

  • Jayson Lim
    did u made those yoyos yourself?
    i would like to know more to see if i can blog anything about it.
  • Tyler Hsieh
    I'll tell you more when I get home
  • Tyler Hsieh
    hey im back
    here is the story of the pulsefire
    when i first made the pulsefire, i was interested in making a yoyo that would feel neutral, and perfect for competing, where every input would respond correctly and put out the output that you want it
    so for that, i wanted it to be very stable, yet be able to change axis at will
    long spin, and light
    all the parts must be the best, so i chose a 10 ball kk bearing with groove, and IR pad
    and the pulsefire was born
    if you want pictures, has those pictures.
  • Jayson Lim
    i'm on that site now haha
  • Tyler Hsieh
    i then wanted to push the boundaries even more, where regular unimetal yoyos couldn't do that
    so i added on the most reasonable yet aggressive rim weighting, which is the stainless steel pulsefire.
    the yoyo plays a bit heftier, but the ease of control is still there, with all the same concepts
  • Jayson Lim
    that's pretty informative for a quick intro
  • Tyler Hsieh
    but thats about it
    and right now the regular unimetal one
    is 55 dollars for anodized and 50 for raw
  • Jayson Lim
    if you don't mind i'll probably copy and paste everything here to the blog.and the price hasn't been set for the stainless steel one
    Tyler Hsieh yeah no problem
  • Jayson Lim
    so pulsefire is the name of the yoyo
    no company name yet?
  • Tyler Hsieh
    well it was kind of a crucial endorsed product
    and i made it with the approval of paul
  • Tyler Hsieh
    and the metal version, since its still in prototype, its called pulsefire alpha

Also, here are some pictures of the Pulsefire.

For more info & to purchase one, visit the Pulsefire site, or hook up with Tyler Hsieh on Facebook.

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