Sunday, 29 July 2012

Art of War ft. Marcus Koh

Marcus Koh will be defending his World Champion title this year.
Good luck kid. Even though I really hope Christopher wins, everyone has their own winner. Dilemma. I want Hiroyuki to win too. Who do you want taking the 1A title? strong competitors this year, defending champion Marcus, Hiroyuki Suzuki, Gentry Stein, Christopher Chia, is Yuuki competing? crazy. What if Jensen came back? Not forgetting John Ando. Takahiro Iizuka! not sure if he's joining. I personally like Reiki Sekiya, but I'm not sure if he can beat those names mentioned. If all these names, including Darrell Mitchell, competes in Worlds, it's gonna be hell of a competition.

Strength and Honor

Zammy presents: Strength and Honor.

Due to my lack of presence at worlds, I wanted to make a video debuting yet even more new 1a material I have worked on since the last one I made in June. I tend to create and move on to new material very fast and thus wanted to share. So I hope you all enjoy it. Long and short combos, suicides, binds, slacks, technical stuff, Its all in this too.

This video is different from the rest due to its personal meaning. 2012 has been incredibly hard on me with a lot of changes. Loss of job, trying to move on and keep surviving on the money I have. Friends leaving. Family members sadly passing away. This video represents my will to keep striving. It has a more artistic feel then usual.

Also note: The throw I am using a Code 1.5- a hybrid idea of two different yoyos with two different side effects to have perfect balance.

My gift to you. Godbless. Thank you.

Cascade | OneDrop | Grzegorz Wójcik - presented by Backspin

Plamek! New video!
Plamek is one of my personal favorite! This comes a long way back in the old days when there was a couple series of videos from a few Polish players, including Yodek and Gaberus, of course there's Plamek, and I really like his style of play, the flow, the smoothness, etc. He's also got a new blog, check it out, Back-Spin!

Friday, 27 July 2012

YYJ New Stuff~

John Narum posted this in the yo-yoing fb group I created, these will be available at worlds. 

"New YoyoJam beginners yoyo, with everything a player needs. Tug and return fashion, with a speed bearing availability for intermediate/advanced play. Only 10 dollars. Available at worlds and after"

The caps looks like removable. Actually I kind of want to try this out!

John Narum posted another picture~
the Titan.

Steller Features | Andrew Maider

Andrew Maider from Vs Newton, presented by Graeme Steller.
I like this video, honestly, in my opinion, I didn't feel the combos/tricks were very inspiring, maybe it's kinda common, but I love the flow in there, the way the combos were being presented. I believe he can come up with better stuff.

Thursday, 26 July 2012

Augie Fash Presents: Hometown Hero

Finally another video from Augie Fash, someone who doesn't know me at all, but whom I considered a friend because of the interaction we had years back, he's just so friendly.

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Expect more from sOMEThING by YoYoAddict

not sure what's this but I honestly dig how this looks here.
And Hiroyuki also mentioned something about this new stuff coming, "WTF".

YoYoJam Team audition summer2012 "Toshiaki Onuma"

I like his 2A! He make it seems so easy, so relaxed while doing the combos, but that's just my opinion though.

C3yoyodesign Present: "dark or bright" by Peter Pong Si Yee

After Bright or Dark, comes Dark or Bright, from C3YoyoDesign X Peter Pong.

Monday, 23 July 2012

The Office - DBH (Dylan Benharris) presented by

I like how the video was being made, and the choosing of yoyo part.
Chris, I like that office!

yoyorecreation tatsuya fujisaka 2012july

Tatsuya morph into Pon at some point.

C3yoyodesign Present: "bright or dark" by Peter Pong Si Yee

Peter Pong! I was hoping you came for AP2012!

Gentry Stein: Sample #1 & 2

I only know about Gentry when he went to YYF, and honestly I didn't quite like his style even though he's winning material. But I have to admit I'm beginning to like his new stuff lately, and I'm really looking forward to his new video.

yoyorecreation DIFFUSION test / christopher chia , ahmad kharisma

Two of Asia's best, in fact, two of World's best.
Even though Ahmad Kharisma haven't got the chance to prove himself just yet, he is in my opinion, one of the few most consistent player, both on and off stage, competitively.

Sunday, 22 July 2012

C3YoyoDesign Sceptre

Pictures for now, talk about it later~

Aero-Yo new stuff~

Aero-Yo MTE, no idea what that stands for.

This one's actually from Cold Metal, the CO2.
I wouldn't say it's a new shape, honestly I would say it's a pretty common shape, but there's this line thing going on on the catch zone, what's that called again sorry?

Aero-Yo Zombie. I got reminded of the Hspin G&E4 when I first look at this photo. But I'm most interested in this one out of the three, wondering how it plays.

Newskool on the go! - Duncan Crew Singapore

Duncan Crew Singapore.

Hardwork does pay off, my friend Malcolm Chiu got into Duncan Crew!
This guy have been playing for years competitively, create great stuff, prove himself, crazy one minute throw anytime, congrats Meow.

Friday, 20 July 2012

YoyoAcq: iPhone Fun at AP2012

Was actually free for whole of AP, and then kind of last minute hit by lots of school assignment, but nonetheless, still filmed all freestyles, and used iPhone to film some friends!
Didn't film the Bash though.