Saturday, 30 March 2013

Barracuda in Motion feat. Telki

Butler - Views

Here's some of the local kids trying out the Butler by Wong Chak Wing, video produced by Ian Loh.

WYYC2013 still happening?

Got informed of this when I woke up by a couple friends online.
Not exactly yoyo related but he's the organiser of WYYC at least until this year. Will this affect WYYC2013?

*just visited YoyoSkill which may provide more info and may be helpful to those who wants to know more.

Thursday, 28 March 2013

Jason Lee - Bangladesh

Terengganu Regional YoYo Championship 2013 (TRYC)

C3YoYoDesign Di Base 2 vs YoyOfficer Dasher

I've never tried both yoyos, I don't know how they play, but I just wanna share the similarities they have visually. It's not something I usually would post, but it's something I've been wanting to share, usually when I see some similarities of two or more yoyos, I only talk about them when I do a review of some sort, but I thought it's like a personal yoyo blog, why not? I'm not getting these yoyos for review, so I probably won't be writing about them during doing write-ups, so I might as well just post it~ But yea, the topic is not about who produce it first, or who copied who, but these two really have some resemblance and I thought I'll share my thoughts.

And also, I got a chance to try Wei Xuan's Mo-vitation, and I have to say, it's really that yoyo that makes finger spin easy! I can't imagine how Duncan's Strix would be like!
Words has it that the design of the Strix and Mo-vitation comes from the same group of brains. man.
So maybe we can expect a similar standard for the Duncan Strix in terms of finger spin!
But finger spin aside, I've heard opinions that the Strix may be the best competitive yoyo from Duncan.

9.8YoYos Orange promo (feat. Pavel Pochaev)

Heartbeat | C3yoyodesign | Grzegorz Wójcik - presented by Backspin

Severe vs H O T

We Spent All Day On This

Friday, 22 March 2013

Eric Tran-Ton 2013

Butler by View

Wong Chak Wing: 
"We believe that placing the inner ring outside the core instead of inside the yoyo can create a more clear and attractive structure.However ,it will affect the spin of the yoyo To solve this problem,we add a gold-plated outer ring outside the yoyo. Then we put a beautiful SWAROVSKI crystal inside the yoyo. Wow!The classic yoyo is done."

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

C3YoyoDesign Di Base 2

DiBase2 spec:
Weight: 67.6grams
Width: 41.23mm
Diameter: 52.23mm
Gap width: 4.310mm
Bearing Size (Inside x Outside x Width): .250 x .500 x .187 in
Gap Type: Fixed
Response: Silicon sticker / flowable silicon

EYYC'13 BUDAPEST From Cold Metal

Thursday, 14 March 2013

YoyoMonster CROOK

New looping yoyo in the making from Yoyo Monster!

Still in prototype stage, now it's in starburst response, it might be of adjustable gap in future, or even change in response, nothing is fixed for now, but here's two short clips of the CROOK in action featuring team members Shunsuke Kawakami who's also the 2012 Asia 2A Champion, and Hiroaki Yoshii.

YoYoFactory Presents the Ricochet with Harold Owens III

Sunday, 10 March 2013

EYYC 2013 - Budapest

Opinion: sOMEThING by YoYoAddict ANGLAM CC

I tried the ANGLAM when Hiroyuki came for AP in 2012, I love it, the one I tried was a b-grade apparently, but it just felt so nice, and I didn't know it was gonna be such a high-end yoyo at that time.
This write-up is long overdue but I'm still gonna write it. Video and then more photos first.

Diameter: 56mm
Width: 43mm
Weight: 67.5g

So players were asking what's the difference? which is better? and stuffs.
So here's the comparison between the two, and it really depends on what you like in regards to which is better. When I first got the ANGLAM Ver CC, I got reminded of the Superfly, the shape's modified to a more hourglass shape, or what REWIND call the invert round shape. So check out the difference first.

The ANGLAM Ver CC comes in a very nice minimalistic looking packaging, I like, I dig packagings.
When I first tried the prototype, it felt totally different from the ANGLAM I tried at AP2012, it was pretty solid, my impression of the ANGLAM was kind of floaty, much like the ANGLE, but more solid. The final production that I got is much less solid, it's still solid compared to the ANGLAM, but more floaty than the prototype Ver CC I tried, so I preferred the final run than the prototype tobe honest. I remember feeling that the prototype was ligher than the ANGLAM, but it was supposed to be heavier, but as I play, now I feel it's slightly heavier than the ANGLAM. The Ver CC has a very nice feel, which I totally like, it's using sOMEThING's own concave bearing, and provides a very long smooth spin. The stability is there even though it feels kind of floaty. I notice I've been talking a lot about floaty and solid while comparing it to both the ANGLAM and the prototype Ver CC, so now I'm just compare it to the ANGLAM.

It's less floaty and more solid than the ANGLAM. The bind is just nice I would say, I don't know about you guys, but I have issue doing regens with some solid yoyos, one of which is the Sleipnir, but the Ver CC makes it comfortable to be doing regens. No doubt it handles everything I threw at it, horizontals are proven possible through the video by Christopher. Finger test, no vibe, string hold, no vibe, real smooth and fast within fusion tricks, and definitely comfortable in the palm.

Which is better? The ANGLAM or the Ver CC?
Me, personally, I actually prefer the feel of the ANGLAM, but I dig both yoyos really.
I wouldn't really say the ANGLAM is better, but I feel that it's more floaty and I love that, I'm not sure if anyone agrees with me that the ANGLAM is floaty, but it sure does in my opinion, at least the one I tried, so I'ma go with the ANGLAM if you have to make me choose. But it's all personal preference.

Share your opinion on the ANGLAM Ver CC in the comment section for the benefit of those who are still considering on getting one.

Saturday, 9 March 2013

Denis Visloguzov March 2013

One Drop prototype

Saw this at One Drop's Facebook!
Not much info except that it's a prototype. Look at the rim. seems like a recess.
Curious now.

Yoyofactory Ricochet

"When we set out to design the Ricochet we wanted to make a classic. The material is Titanium. Known for it's superior strength and luster. The performance is in the play, not in a complicated shape. A modern classic, for the players of today and the future. Not only does Titanium have a low density, it's very strong. It's naturally lustrous and is recognized for its high strength-to-weight ratio which gives us the ability to have less weight in the wall, and more where it counts, on the rim. Traditionally it is used in aerospace products such as airplane wing supports and jet engines, as well as in armor plating. It also has a 'feel' unlike anything else you can make a yoyo from. It feels special because it is special. So special in fact, we numbered every yo-yo. 1 of 500. Only one question remains.... Would you take advantage of the ability to throw sparks when you Walk the Dog or covet it, in its' display case?"

photo taken from Yoyofactory Facebook and
Unlike the Catch-22, the Ricochet is a full Ti yoyo and according to, it's gonna be around $200-230. start saving now.

Opinion: YoYoSkeel Satisfaction

I got the YoYoSkeel Satisfaction in Sept of 2012, and I'm really sorry to only write about it now, especially to Shakeel. Y'all know it's due to school work.
Anyway, video first and then more photos.

diameter: 57mm
width: 43mm
string gap: 39.5mm
weight: 67g

It's normal that people compared the Satisfaction to the Sleipnir because of the shape, so the last three photos are for the benefit of those who wants a side by side comparison, I happen to have a Sleipnir so yea, but I personally would say it reminds me more of the YoYoJoker Double Joker than the Sleipnir though. So like most new YoYoSkeel yoyos, the Satisfaction comes in a nice packaging, I like it.
I would say the Satisfaction is my second favorite yoyo from YoYoSkeel, the first is Stalker 2. I'm not so much of a fan of the Sense, but it's just personal preference.

In this write-up, I'll point out the usual things first like the bearing that may be a concerned to most players, and mentioned in both the Stalker 2 and Sense write-up. The bearing's life-span could be an issue. Second, would be the step on the wall area, but that's more to my own concern, this really depends on the player himself/herself. Stability of the yoyo is great, smoothness is great, and definitely provide really long spin unless the bearing locks. Now I would say that even if the bearing locks, it depends on how bad the condition is, so far what I've experience(YoYoSkeel Sense) is the yoyo becoming responsive and may snap back during a laceration and stuff, but may still provide you long spin. But you could change to a bearing of your choice though, which I bet may players does now.

With all that said, I don't have bearing issue with the Satisfaction, it's running smoothly, finger test no vibe, string hold test no vibe either, fast on the string, and horizontal is not a issue. It handles everything I threw at it, lacerations, flops are nice, grinds are alright, the catch zone was good, and it feels pretty nice in the palm too, it's not too sharp, not too edgy, personally I would like this yoyo more if not for the step, but this is really pretty subjective, it's personal preference.

Share your opinion on the YoYoSkeel Satisfaction in the comment for the benefit of those who may be interested to get one.