Saturday, 29 September 2012

JAPAN TECHNOLOGY - Ashiru Kamui Light

I also want to share this video, which is produced quite a while ago, but I only know about it just minutes ago, a video of Atsushi Takeuchi, his 4A style is really much like Lim Aik Hwee's I would say, pretty good, and the video turns out very nice, I like the location and background!

Friday, 28 September 2012

Trip or Trap2 ft.CSYC

SAVE The Nation by YoYoSkills

TMBR Baldwin

A bold statement. With a smaller diameter than previous offerings, a rounded profile, and small interior step, BALDWIN is perfect for stalls and regenerations. The most dramatic addition is the inlaid Dado Caps, which give a visual indication of spin speed for stalls.


Maple body, Walnut Dado Cap

Walnut axle

54 grams*

1 3/8 inch width

2 1/8 inch diameter

Peace, love, and wood.

I dig this.

The Weekly Grind: CLYW Giveaway!


Thursday, 27 September 2012

60 on 6 Magicyoyo Video Contest Prizes

These are the medals and special edition yoyo for the 60 on 6 Magicyoyo Video Contest!
I personally dig that yoyo, I love shark theme stuff.

44CLASH Russia freestyle by C3YoYoDesign

The previous entry of the 44Clash freestyles was from indada, and I only embedded the 1A divison, here's the X division, and more other freestyles in C3YoYoDesign's YouTube channel!

Arab Yo-Yo Community presents: COMING SOON

Check out the Arab Yo-Yo Community FB Page!
They're pretty new, do show some support, spread the yoyoing scene!

Sergey Soloviev: 44CLASH Russia

CLYW the Cliff

Chris posted this on his instagram and the Caribou FB page!
The Cliff, Petr Kavka's signature yoyo.
specs: 59.5mm diameter, 44.8mm width, 67.9g.
Oversized, much like the H5 and H5Chief, with undercut walls. I believe it's gonna be very nice because I've tried the H5Chief and it was pretty nice!


Rei's offstring, nice!

Opinion: TopYoNation Earth

So I was given a couple of yoyos from Top Yo Nation, and I was pretty impressed by their playability.
I haven't try too many China made yoyos, but I've tried a few, and majority of them, even when it's good, to me, they have this feel to it, no discrimination, it's just a term some of us call "China feel", which describe the feeling the yoyo gives, not that it's not smooth, you know how different brand's yoyo feel differently? Yea, China made yoyo have this certain particular feel to it. But when I threw the Earth, I was impressed, it feels really nice, and I really like it. More photos~

The Top Yo yoyos I've received all came in paper boxes like these,
and they came along with string, and a 10-ball concave bearing of their own, and what seems like the CBC pad for response, but I'm not very sure about that, I didn't contact direct with Top Yo so I can't really check that, but the bind's pretty tight. The bearing seat tightness was average, removing and putting back on of the bearing isn't an issue.

specs: 56mm diameter, 44mm width, 67g.

From what I know, the Earth's the 3rd release from Top Yo, but why am I doing a write-up for this one first? Because of all the Top Yo yoyos I received, this is my favorite, and also because I've yet to get the other videos done, :P
Now the Top Yo Earth seems to be pretty popular in China, and I wasn't sure why, because I was really thinking, is it really that good? Now I understand. Like mentioned earlier, it doesn't have that feeling like most China made yoyos, in fact it feels really nice. The shape and size was comfortable to hold, the yoyo itself looks pretty nice, and I'm not including the logo engraving, I mean just the yoyo itself. I'll say this yoyo doesn't really have any special features, like special surface or finish, etc. It's pretty much a normal looking yoyo, but playability is pretty good, to be honest. The Earth provides long, stable spins, even for horizontal style, to quote YoyoAcq rep, Wei Xuan, "it can sustain very long for horizontal!", when we were filming the promo video. Very stable, very smooth, haven't snag on me yet so far, haven't tried IRG stuff, but there's this very shallow ring thingy in the inner rim. Grinds weren't a problem for me on a cooling night in Singapore, slacks and rejections doesn't seem like a problem, regens were alright. Vibe test, on a string hold, no vibes on the yoyo, very stable, smooth spins, no vibe feeling on the string hold either, very smooth. All in all, I'll really recommend players to try this, there are still players, especially the newer ones locally, that prefer big names yoyo than China made ones, give it a try, really. I personally would like this as a competing yoyo, really.

Other Top Yo I received are the Mercury, Mercury L, and the Paladin, and I would honestly say, they feel just a little different to the Earth, but I would say the Earth feels the best. I'll write my opinion on them too, but probably all three in one entry because honestly, really, they all feels pretty similar.

Anyone who has a different opinion on the Top Yo Earth, do share it in the comments for the benefit of those who might be interested to get one, as usual.

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

60 on 6 Magicyoyo Video Contest

In order to celebrate 3rd Anniversary of MagicYoyo and launch a new product from MagicYoyo "Shark", MagicYoyo present 60 on 6 Magicyoyo Video Contest,
Video Contest in 6 Country of South East Asia: Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Vietnam and Thailand
EVERY COUNTRY had the opportunity to get 10 new Magicyoyo yoyos and accessories for 3 winners as follow :
1ST Winner
New yoyo 5 pcs 
Gold Medal 
Tshirt 1 pcs 
keepsake 1 pcs
magic cube 1 pcs
new pad 10 pair
yoyo bag 2 pcs
yoyo gloves 2 pcs
center trac bearing 2 pcs
5mm axle 5 pcs
4mm axle 10 pcs
magicyoyo string 30 pcs

2ND Winner
New yoyo 3 pcs
Silver Medal
Tshirt 1 pcs
keepsake 1 pcs
magic cube 1 pcs
new pad 10 pair
yoyo bag 2 pcs
yoyo gloves 2 pcs
center trac bearing 2 pcs
5mm axle 5 pcs
4mm axle 10 pcs
magicyoyo string 30 pcs

3RD Winner
New yoyo 2 pcs
Bronze Medal
Tshirt 1 pcs
keepsake 1 pcs
magic cube 1 pcs
new pad 10 pair
yoyo bag 2 pcs
yoyo gloves 2 pcs
center trac bearing 2 pcs
5mm axle 5 pcs
4mm axle 10 pcs
magicyoyo string 30 pcs

So TOTAL gift that we gave to the 6 Country is 60 pcs Yoyos and Accessories!

- Contestants only came from Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Vietnam and Thailand
- Video duration is 2 - 3 minutes
- Only make video for 1A,3A and 5A Division (or combined)
- Each contestant is only allowed to make 1 video
- You MUST USE the logo MagicYoyo Shark 2012 Honor, you can download in or HERE.
- Just uploaded on YOUTUBE, share in MagicYoyo Official Facebook (

and send the video link to: and
- Video can use ANY yo-yos
- The video will be judges in : Skill, Trick, Style, Concept and Quality Video
- Video Tittle is : 60 on 6 Magicyoyo Video Contest - Name
VideoDescription : 60 on 6 Magicyoyo Video Contest - Name - Country - Your email

- Tag with MagicYoyo, MAGICYOYO, magicyoyoindonesia, 60on6
- The prize can not be exchanged for cash or transferred or other goods
- The decision shall be final and binding
- Contest Closed in 20th October 2012, 24:00hrs China Time
- Announce for winner in 27th October 2012

**Rules for Winners:
- All winners are required to make a video and picture using our new products as gifts after the yoyos has accepted.

Yuuki Spencer 2012 compilation

As y'all may know, Gabe from Sector-Y have recording many short footages of Yuuki Spencer, and George Stoyanov have decided to make a compilation of it, with approval from Gabe, it seems. And I think it's nice!

9.8 present — 44_CLASH_RUSSIA_VHS_01

YoYoJam Yoyo Bag

I posted about this awhile back, but the YoYoJam facebook posted alternative photos of it which may come in handy for those who are interested in getting one so here goes~

Kingyostar present:Smooth and Divano party

New stuff from King Yo Star!

Eterni Tee Spider Man freestyles

Awhile ago Steven Vong Kin Ian of the YoYoFactory Contest Team came over my crib to hang out, and we were talking about the yoyo he produced just before he got sponsored by YoYoFactory, the Spider Man. And acquaintance reps WeiXuan and YaoKun, with Steven himself, freestyled with the Spider Man. Now the previous batch were having some axle stripping problem, but have since improved, until I get the improved version, here's the freestyles for you guys to see the performance of the yoyo.

Gentry stein: Yoyofactory Super G 7075


Demo - Galaxy Libra MG

I love how this yoyo look, seems rather undersized and smooth. Doesn't look like the conventional Auldey designed yoyos. Any local have this? Kind enough to let me try it?

Monday, 24 September 2012

9.8YoYos Presents: Erik Eisenreich

44CLASH Russia

Hiroyuki Suzuki performance.

Another Tron-styled performance, the video didn't work for me though, it loaded only halfway.

The rest of the videos at Indada's youtube!

Marcus Koh Auldey ARES Giveaway


What will be your ideal yo-yo for an important yo-yo competition?
How does the specs of the yo-yo suit your playing style?
& lastly, what do you guys think about " its the player, not the yo-yo". How true do u agree with this? 

:) 2 Winners with the best answers will be selected and will walk away with a free ARES! GOGOGOGO

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Friday, 21 September 2012

Marcus Koh - Feeling it

Cheerful Foursome

Player: Lev Derzhavets
Shot and Edit: Mikhail Lagunov
Idea and Plot: Ilya Shaposhnikov
Yo-yo: Aero-Yo MTE
Hometown: Saint-Petersburg

Introducing the 2012 Werrd BOUNTY (featuring the Hour)

The skinny is - WIN using the HOUR and take home SWAG A Werrd Prize BOUNTY valued at $1000 is up for grabs and more!

Visit the WERRD blog for more information!

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

China-Yu GT86

Came across these at 91yoyo, an Offstring yoyo by China-Yu, the GT86.
More photos...

Specs: 78mm diameter, 61.8mm width, 78.5g.
A little similar to that of the Wu Ji Xian's God of War, this yoyo has a slight under cut wall, which is like the L4/Avant Garde. Seems like celcon to me, and apparently, the hub area is made of aluminum, so in a way it's similar to Yonity's Kung. I wonder how this thing plays, it sure look nice to play with, in my opinion.

Aero-Yo Delrin Delta

Came across this at the Russian yoyo blog.
A special delrin yoyo from Aero-Yo in celebration of the Gyroscope Group and the Russian Yo-yo Community's 7th Anniversary, I think these will be released at 44Clash Russia.

TheYo 10th Year Anniversary

visit for more info.

Opinion: Cold Metal CO2

Like the YoYoPlanet Polaris, I've edited the video for the Cold Metal CO2 but unlisted, waiting to write my opinion, here's more photos before I continue.

Cold Metal/Aero Yo always have pretty nice packaging for their products, and the CO2 makes no difference, it comes in a can, and included is a dog tag with a neck chain thingy, which I like, I hung it together with my bunch of keys now. 

So the CO2 came with their very own concave bearing, along with their own white silicone pads. The bearing seat of the yoyo is average, not too tight, not too loose. Assuming this is the final production, these are probably the bits and pieces you'll be getting.

specs: 54mm diameter, 42mm width, 68.5g.

The Cold Metal CO2 is the signature yoyo for Cold Metal team member Alexey Nemchik.
At 68.5, I was expecting it to feel a little heavy because visually it look a little undersized, but it's actually near the regular size. It's a comfortable hold in the palm, with a rounded outer rim, with a concave inner rim, that is suitable for IRG tricks. The CO2 has this groove surface on the catch zone near the rim area, which I think is to reduce friction during string play. The finish on the CO2 doesn't really give a butter smooth grind, but it does still have a powerful after a finger grind. On a string hold test, the yoyo is very stable I'll say, no vibes on the yoyo, no string vibes either, and it has a very tight bind in my opinon. The CO2 provide super long spin like most metal yoyo of today, handling regular stuffs like slacks, lacerations, and rejections ain't a problem, regens are pretty much a comfort thanks to it's shape. And horizontal tricks are no issue either, I can't do them, but I've seen top players like Marcus Koh and Christopher Chia doing horizontals with them when I got them to try the yoyos, and to add on, they said the CO2's a very nice yoyo. 

If anyone wants a comparison shot let me know, I'll see if I have what you need and will update if I can deliver that. Also, please leave your opinion on this yoyo for the benefit of those that might be getting the CO2.