Tuesday, 29 January 2013

C3yoyodesign x YoYoAcquaintance Presents: "Next Generation"

YoyoAcq Rep x C3 member Jason Cheow.

Team MKYoyo Crush

Got these images off my friend Li Tian Cheng's FB.
New brand from China, yoyo looks good.
This is the Crush from Team MK Yoyo.
MK actually refers to the initial of the two owner of the brand, thus, MK.

Zach Attack! featuring Zach Gormley [#sectory]

Arabyoyo.com presents: C3YoyoDesign Alpha Crash

I don't usually post review videos unless there's some tricks going on, but this is a request from Samir so here it is~


Malcolm's a friend and I'm sorry I post this so late, assignment stopped me from doing so!
finally posting this before I go back to my assignment.

And I thought Janos is the only one of his kind. I was wrong. I guess they're from Duncan crew for a reason. Wicked.

Sunday, 27 January 2013


This video feature some scene on the Macaron! I've been caught up with assignment, didn't get the chance to film the Macaron, before I manage to do so, here's a pretty good video you can see the Macaron in action!

Saturday, 26 January 2013


We joined forces with IrPad to create pads that will fit all our future and past large bearing yoyos. The pads are just slightly recessed to provide snappy binds while maintaining unresponsive play. IrPads are well know for their consistency in response and long durability amongst players world wide. We might switch to pads entirely at some point, but for now, our yoyos will still come stock with our signature sILYYcone response. The pads can be used as a replacement for our stock sILYYcone.

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Han Pornpinit S Feat Emerald


Date: 16-17th February 2013
Organizers: W.H.O

MOYOSTAGE is the 2nd biggest contest ever held in the Taiwan yoyo scene.
Started in 2012 by W.H.O, the objective is to let the players in the southern part of Taiwan have a go at showing their skills and get more stage experience.

This year, MOYOSTAGE is open to not just their local players, but also to players worldwide.
The competition will involve yoyo and diabolo, which is part of the Taiwan culture.

Divisions involved are 1A, X Div, Diabolo, Team, and Battle.

So, players worldwide, if you're free during these dates, and happen to be paying a visit to Taiwan, do drop by the contest, or better yet, plan a trip there, for the contest!

Last year's 1A Champion.

As the infos might be updated, for any enquiries, email Harry at moyostage@gmail.com
Also visit MOYOSTAGE blog for more info.

Friday, 11 January 2013

YoYoJam Captivate

Saw this at YoYoSkills.com who got it from RetYo.eu, it appears to be the signature yoyo of Farkas "Vooper" Balint, click on respective links to read more!

YoTricks.com KickStarter project - Civility Yoyo

I only came upon this through YoYoSkill.com!
Visit YoYoSkill.com and visit KickStarter for more info and support YoTricks.com!

YoYoFactory New Packagings

If you've been following Taka on his Instagram, you would have seen these.
These are YoYoFactory yoyos with their new packagings!

I totally dig this new FAST201.
And finally, the Loop360 is out, but I'm guessing it's actually just Loop808 though.
Gotta check that with Ben.

C3yoyodesign Presents: TOKEN vs Wei Xuan vs CAPLESS

Rep WeiXuan representing C3YoYoDesign!

Saturday, 5 January 2013

Alexis JV: Shaolin Caffeine

Opinion: Eterni-Tee Spider Man

I've gotten this yoyo very long ago, but haven't got around filming a video for it, thus no opinion was given to it. But here it is, video first, then to the photos.

So the Spider Man is not a new yo-yo, it's produced before Vong Kin Ian got sponsored by YYF, it was mainly only available through various places of China. It's a undersized yoyo with a H shape, pretty edgy H shape from its time. I forgot if this was release under King Yo Star, but KYS later produced a Spider Man version 2, I'm not gonna have any input on that because I didn't get to try one.

So... I shall talk about the axle first as I think it's one of the important factor.
Over here, what I've received was a yoyo with axle problem, that's the black axle, it doesn't keep your halves together, note that it's not axle strip, it was something about slightly smaller diameter and shorter length that caused the problem, BUT it'll eventually cause the axle to strip after a few taking apart and putting back. It seems that Steven made a mistake about the axle, which he then later send me new ones, which is the silver one, those fit snugly without any stripping problem. If any of you who by any chance have bought this, and it came with the black axle, you can contact Steven and he'll most probably send you the new ones, BUT, it might or might not deteriorate the playing. I was given 2 of this yoyo at two different time, first time with the black axle problem, second time the new one with the silver axle. I change the black axle to the silver one, the yoyo halves stop coming apart, good thing, but, the smoothness is gone, it feels really rusty, it's playable, but very rusty feeling. It vibes a bit, does not snag on string, but it gives you a really rusty feeling that I doubt any players would like.

Now to the new one that comes installed with the silver axle, this one is smooth, no rusty feeling, but mine came with a different response pad that was in the other Spider Man. This one, however, does not have a bind as tight, otherwise it would have been nice to play with.

But all this problem have been discussed with Steven, and he have look into this issues, just be sure to check things out when you get this yoyo.

Here's also comparison photo of the Spider Man and the YoYoSkeel Stalker 2, many players in China have make comments that the Stalker 2 look alot like the Spider Man, so here it is, and also it's just coincident that the Stalker I have is a blue one.

You can also visit this entry to watch the freestyle done with the Spider Man, to see how it plays, the yoyo used in those freestyles is the one with the black axle, before it got stripped.

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Top Yo Nation Phantom

Diameter: 54mm
Width: 45mm
Weight: 67g

As far as I understand, these are only available at China's huge contest for now, at 160RMB, that's about 25USD. As to why it's so cheap, it's because, playability wise, it's definitely stable and smooth like most Top Yo's yoyo, but this yoyo has a weakness, it can't be dinged, any abuse to it will definitely cause it to vibe. That pretty much means no 3A and 5A I guess?

CYYC 2012

CYYC 2012 freestyles presented by HKYYFC and BLK SENS.

A Year Of Rebellion

Clint Armstrong ~Holiday

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Team Eigenstate

Elephark - Resonation

Adegle Macaron

When I first saw pictures of the Adegle Macaron on the Adegle Facebook page, I was already looking forward to it, even though I'm not a pioneer at 2A, I could loop and hop and punch a little, well at least with my right hand, but that to me, is enough to feel the yoyo. Here's more pictures before I go on.

I got the Macarons just in time for christmas thanks to Lin-Kai, and I like how it look, the packaging was nice too, and to me, it feels nice in the palm, but maybe a little wee bit light. 

The Macaron doesn't use a spacer system, everything is plastic, the unique thing is it's spiral starburst.
Now the Adegle Macaron is made to be a yoyo for starter, you can do regular tricks like Stop & Go, Rock the Baby, Trapeze and so on, maybe some more slightly harder stuff, but it's also meant for looping of course. Tighten the gap to it's narrowest, and more advisable to apply two rounds of loop around the bearing, and lube the bearing with Yoyojam thick lube which Lin-Kai suggested, and it should be able to loop.

Now here's the downside. Honestly, I feel it's good enough for beginner as a starter yoyo, but when it comes to 2A, I think only pro 2A players can handle it better. With single loop, even with the narrowest gap, it's not responsive enough. With two loops around, bearing lubed, it's still a little slippy. This is what I experienced.

I took it to meeting and let players try, 2A players also feel that it's a little too slippy, and looping downwards, regular stuff like looping variations and punching variations are alright, but just not as good for serious playing. Spin time can't sustain for long in terms of wrap combos, but do take this into consideration, it's more of a starter yoyo though, so we could skip the wrap combo and variations, BUT still, it's still not responsive enough for starter in 2A. But it really differs from one another, majority of the players here feel it can be improved, and it will be, says Lin-Kai. If you guys have a chance, do try a pair out, maybe it suits your style?

There'll be a 2nd batch though, but probably not in the near future, that will be improved.
During testing, these weren't modded in anyway, not cranked, no response stickers of any sort if anyone is wondering, we try it the way it's sold. I wouldn't recommend cranking it, I don't think it's worth the try in cranking but ultimately it's up to the consumer.

If you're a local player, wanna try these out, try mine, but no modding of any sort please, keep it in its original state. And do look forward to the next batch, I'd love to see the changes!

Raised by Wolves X Caribou Lodge - The Bridge Video feat. Jensen Kimmitt



YoyoAcqXYoyojam: Sean Hung - Theory

I've not try long enough to talk too much about it, but it seems that the later new Yoyojams will have this grooved surface for grindings, and I think you guys can expect more new stuff from Yoyojam in the near future, and also the caps, I suppose anyone who follow Taka in his instagram or facebook or blog, you would have seen this, meant for finger grind and stuff, which is what most people seems to be doing now~