Monday, 24 June 2013

MagicYoYo D5 Dark Sprite

Material :Luminous POM / DELRIN+alloy ring
Gap Width(mm):4.5
Bearing Size(mm):12.70*6.30*4.72
Bearing structure:10 ball bearing

ADEGLE: Acceleration

Friday, 7 June 2013

Japan CBC TV

2013japannationalyoyocontest (fistsalud)


Grizzly - Yuuki Spencer - LSFC (NSFW)

Insane Slow Mo Yo-Yo Attack Featuring Doc Pop!

Loop360 / For 2A Beginners


The BAC Experience


Tuesday, 4 June 2013

MNYC 2013

Malaysia National Yo-yo Contest 2013 freestyles at 28Spin and MakeItSpin's YouTube channel!
Guys if y'all haven't really been paying attention to the Malaysian scene, do catch their freestyles, my personal favorite here would be Ho Swee Jim at the moment.

Embedded are the 1A top 3 freestyles as the rest aren't uploaded yet.

Sunday, 2 June 2013

Casa De Allen x YYSxYYF (Allen, Benharris, Severance, Owens III)

Duncan Magnitude

If you follow my blogging from way back in SY Blog, I posted a picture of the Duncan Magnitude taken by Chris Allen from back in October 2011.
Here it is.

Now Duncan has release the photos of the production version.

I'm curious how this thing plays, because this whole magnet idea has come a long way.
Back in the early 2009, there's a player who came up with this idea using his YYF G5 with magnet attached to the hub-stack. I'm really not sure if it's the same player, I'm assuming it is. And then not long after Duncan bought over the idea I think? And they produced the Praxis, which I also did post of during my time at SY Blog. It wasn't so much of a good review as far as I remember. But here's the pictures of the Praxis.

C3YoyoDesign Shinya Kido Krown

This is called String Tricking

Never would have came across this if I haven't visit YoYoSkills!

Adegle Sundial

Shape: Sandglass
Weight: 67.4 g
Width: 42.5 mm
Effective Width: 39.5 mm
Diameter: 55.0 mm
Gap Width: 4.7 mm
Bearing Size: Size C
Gap Type: Fixed
Response System: CBC Silicone Pad (thickness 1 mm)

Write-up when it's ready!
In short, probably my favorite yoyo from Adegle since the RhongTo.
Adegle yoyos in my opinion always have this kind of slippy feel due to the wide string gap, but this one is just nice! Will fill in more when I'm done with school assignments!

JN2013 Freestyles

C3YoyoDesign is uploading the freestyles on their YouTube Account, embedded are the champion freestyles but 5A ain't out yet!
Alternatively you can go to the JN UStream channel to watch the recorded stream!

Now more freestyles including the prelims are uploaded at Yama!

Harrison's Recap of BAC in 8 Minutes

Saturday, 1 June 2013

S.Kon Vertical

Latest crazy mod by S.Kon!
If you follow him you would have seen this crazy mod done by him, metal red parts and plastic yellow parts, this is just beautiful!