Friday, 31 August 2012

C3yoyodesign Present: "Capsule2 in Boundless Sea" by Peter Pong and Jackey Li

Aoda Yoyo Flip Spacer

I came across this at eBay, it's a flip spacer by Aoda supposingly.
Earlier on when I was doing a write-up on the C3 Sceptre, I mention I was hoping someone continue to explore the possibilities in dual side spacer, I forgot to add that if the spacer is not inclusive of the response area, there's actually quite a few makers that have produce it, but not for different bearing size though, Shinwoo, for one, have produce dual side spacer for setting gap sizes, but I guess Duncan is the first to mass produce one for different bearing size? not inclusive of response area though, which is the Flipside that's to be released. Back to topic, while I was browsing eBay, I came across these which is very similar to the Flipside spacers, below is the Flipside photo from, as reference.

Honestly for me, I hope to see more of these, they're interesting.

YoYoJam Team audition summer2012 Tomohiko ZANKA

Adegle Sundial

Ignore the date print, this photo was uploaded on Lin-Kai's facebook on August 2012 after TYYC2012. This yoyo is Adegle's latest yoyo, but apparently still in prototype stage. Still unsure how the final production will look like though.

Opinion: C3YoYoDesign Sceptre

So I receive this yoyo pretty long ago, before I enter high school before I got busy and stuff, and even though this yoyo have been released for quite a while, I think I'll still share my opinion on this!
More photos first before I continue~

So when I got these, C3 sent me two of these, but both came in large bearing setting, with no small bearing included, and no small bearing pads as well, so I was thinking since I got two, and rather then letting player going through the trouble of flipping the spacer while trying, I might as well set up a small bearing one so they could just try both together. I didn't take photos of the one in small bearing set up though.

Many makers have produce this spacer system thing for plastic and delrin yoyos, the earliest I know about is the one Buzz On did, but it wasn't a dual sided spacer though, there was a issue on this, it's on Dave Bazan's facebook, Dave's the owner of Buzz On, apparently, many senior players have came up with that idea, some produced small quantity, but no one ever patent it and release it mass to the public, with dual side. And with Paul Yath saying that it was much more costly producing the dual sided spacer, and also the fact that no one patent it, I think... strictly speaking, C3 isn't at fault on this? I love Buzz On yoyos, believe me when I say that, I dig Buzz On yoyos before there were SPRs, but what to do when the patent comes into play? But all that aside, I'm glad someone went ahead and make these available, I actually hope someone else continue to explore within the dual spacer range. 

Now to the yoyos, the Sceptre feels very solid in both large and small bearing mode, very rim weighted and stable in my opinion. But I prefer it in large bearing mode. In either mode, unlike some review that may say a delrin does not feel like one, instead it feels like a metal, I would say the Sceptre does feel like a delrin, but a really solid one. In small bearing mode, since I don't have the pad size for it, I used silicone for it, it was pretty much tug responsive for me with both side filled, and just nice for me with only one side response. My only issue with the small bearing mode is, the response falls out too easily, but it could be due to the fact that they're flowable silicone instead of pads, which will be available in the production version, and also, the small bearing tend to get stuck to both spacer, which makes it hard for me to take them apart, but this too, could be because the bearing are not from C3, and might be solved on the production version.
I think if these were released in multiple colors, it'll look so nice.
Share your opinion on this yoyo in the comments!

sOMEThING by YoYoAddict V

There was the Angle, then the AnGlam, then the V.
The one I have is a pre-release that's exclusive to Spinworkx and YoYoAddict only, but only 4 pieces available at Spinworkx.
More photos.

Here's the shape comparison between the Angle and the V, I don't have an AnGlam so I can't give you a side by side shot with it, but the Angle is close.

Here's the size different.

Now the thing with the V is, the caps, they can be flipped.
there's a threading on the inner rims and caps so you can turn it out.

So the yoyo comes with the caps "recessed" or something like that, sorry I couldn't find a better word to describe :(
but yea, it can be difficult to turn it out because there isn't much friction or grip to the flat surface of the cap, mine's pretty easy to remove on one side, pretty hard on the other, but stuff with grippy surface helps solve the problem. So the first picture over here is how it came stocked.
 turn it out just by pressing your finger against the cap and turn/rotate it anti-clockwise.

 Flip it, screw it back in clockwise.
 Note that I didn't screw mine all the way in because I have problem taking it out later, it should appear flatly align with the rim of the halves.

Now the purpose of the flipping of the cap is to bring the weight to the outside, which make it more rim weighted, so it depends on which you prefer.

I personally am loving this yoyo, it's really one of the nicest playing delrin ever yet.
Really smooth on the string, long spinning, stable as well, I've seen horizontal tricks done on it and players make it seem easy. Suggested retail price was approximately 4800JPY, plus, minus a little.

As far as I know, pre-release comes in White with yellow caps, Yellow with white caps, and Yellow with black caps, without logos and such. 

However, production release will be having Yellow body with either white caps, or black caps with logo. Pretty much like these below.

I would say, you can't go wrong with this yoyo by sOMEThING.
If you already got one at BIYO2012, share your opinion on this yoyo in the comments for the benefit of those wanting to get one.

YoYoPlanet Vega Prototype #1

So other than the Polaris, Jun also sent me the prototype Vega, the Vega he sent me is apparently the first prototype, it's actually in its third prototype stage now, it was sent in separate halves with axle but no bearing. I'll do an opinion entry on the Polaris but not now, but I'll just briefly talk about the Vega prototype because since it's just a prototype, first stage especially, the final production may turn out very different from what my opinion turns out. So some photos first~

Size comparison beside a Duncan Freehand.

It kind of reminds me of a YYR Messiah because of the size and hub view, but Hiro Koba commented that the profile looks like Positron though, so here's a side by side view for you guys to compare.

it also have this surface, sorry I forgot the term again... it's the line groove thingy surface similar to One Drop's yoyo.

So I put on a flat bearing(C3's), and a Timeless string, and liking it. It feels very rim weighted and stable, and it has a pretty tight bind, it's using this black silicone response which is different from the Polaris', but this is a prototype, so maybe that's why there's the difference. But in short, this is pretty stable and smooth with tight bind. The specs are unclear at the moment, diameter seems to be 52mm, with a 41mm width, not sure about the weight. Bear in mind that this is just the first prototype but it's actually in its third prototype already.

YoYoFactory Union Square Park

sOMEThING by YoYoAddict XS

The XS have been out for some time now, just sharing photos for the benefit of those who might still be able to get their hands on one, but still considering.

Size comparison beside a Duncan Freehand.

So the XS is like a smaller version of the Angle, but in my opinion, it looks more like... or rather, it reminds more of the YYF 888. So I took a shot of it next to the YYF888, but it's just me.

More comparison shot, AeroYo Mini Monster ; YYF G.5 ; sOMEThING XS ; YYR Messiah.

I would say, it's in my opinion one of the most playable mini yoyo, by mini, I mean this size, not the Mini Monster one, there's a couple of mini yoyo of this specific diameter, but this is really pretty nice, the weight feels comfortable in the palm, and long spinning, and it's pretty stable I'll say. I also tried the mini yoyo from C3, I like that too, but to be honest, I like this slightly more, and the last time I tried the C3's one was during AP2012, I kind of forgot how it felt.

Watch Hiroyuki compete with the XS in this freestyle!