Monday, 16 June 2014

Ho Swee Jim

If you've followed my blogging from Singapore Yoing, you probably know that Yoyo Acquaintance started out as a platform to promote a group of players from outside of Singapore that I wanted to promote, but it didn't work out, I left SY, and kinda decided to continue blogging in my free time under the Yoyo Acquaintance name. I've since kind of re-pick the players as rep to promo for Yoyo Acq, and they've always been local because there's not much I could do for the foreign players. But I was still looking around. Now there's an addition to the reps from outside of Singapore, not too far away.

Meet Ho Swee Jim.

I have no idea who took this photo so credits to whoever took it.
I've been watching Jim for a while and been wanting to ask him if he's interested to be part of the Acquaintance. And I finally did. I ain't sure what I can do for him but at least you guys can check out his freestyles for now and expect more from him.

Jim is in my opinion one of the best from Malaysia, I'm not gonna sugar-coat my words, his freestyles are in fact some times messy, but somehow I like his trick presentation and stuff. He may not have win any major contest yet but I feel that his time will come. You can also visit the reps page to see his past and future top 3 placing freestyles.

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