Friday, 28 December 2012

sOMEThING x Christopher Chia - ANGLAM Ver.CC - YoYoAddict (Teaser)

Ahmad Kharisma x Ray Tambunan

C3yoyodesign presents: Team C3yoyodesign China - C3 Chapter


Finally a proper metal 1A yoyo by HENRYS, the maker of the Viper yoyo!
Photo is by Taka!
Ø 55mm, width 42mm Weight 65g

silver, red, green, blue, black

Check out more at HENRYS'!

Yoyojam Edge (never released)

Was browsing eBay and came upon this, apparently a Yoyojam prototype yoyo that was never released, info stated was this yoyo was designed in cooperation with the Japanese players but never put into production. Looking at the cap, it seems like the yoyo name is Edge, but the title of the product did say Edge as well. For anyone's who's interested in getting it, supposingly only 5 pieces were produced, the link is here!

YoYoJoker Luminous 2013

Luminous 2013 expected to be first release of 2013 from YoYoJoker, check out more at YoYoJoker Blog!

Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Magic YoYo x TopYo x Even CRYSTAL

One of the latest yoyo from China, the Crystal is a collaboration between Magic YoYo, TopYo Nation, & Even, which I think is a apparel/accessories making company.
Here's more photos provided by TopYo!

I would say a pretty common shape of today, but would like to find out how it plays though, as far as I know, this shape is quite common, but not for plastics, maybe delrin, but not lower end plastics, wonder how it plays, definitely hope I get a chance to try this out!

I think this collaboration is in conjunction with another event or something, not much info was given, but I've seen several accessories featuring this panda, of it could be the brand logo for Even. More info when I get them!

Apparently, Even is the name of a China Player, not the name of any company.

YoYoSkills - Most Inspirational Player of 2012

Palli and Puffin in TOKYO

C3YoYoDesign Berserker RX

Weight: 68.3grams
Width: 43.75mm
Diameter: 57mm
Gap width: 4.7mm
Bearing Size (Inside x Outside x Width): .250 x .500 x .187 in
Bearing : Center Trac Bearing
Gap Type: Fixed
Response: Silicon sticker / flowable silicon

"Berserker fighted very hard with his last rage for the World in Doomsday. He won the battle but almost lost all his strength and dying....Suddenly, there is a bright light from heaven shine on him. Berserker "REBORN" with "EXTREME" power! Now Berserker RX stand and fight for the New Era!!!!!

In early 2012, we released Berserker, the bi-metal yoyo designed for the ulitmate performance. It brought noise and ideas on competitive yoyo designs to the market.

On Berserker RX, we reduced the 6061 ratio on body and add the weight to the 7075 rings. With the heavier and new shape rings, Berserker RX will have better spin power especially on horizontal tricks due to the new weight distribution. Last but not least, Berserker RX have a more powerful binding. This make you can catch it back on your hand more comfortable after a long combo!!!

Release at Jan 2013 Worldwide."

Friday, 21 December 2012

ANGLAM ver. Christopher Chia

YoyoAcq Rep Christopher Chia has his own ANGLAM.

Hiroyuki Suzuki performance at TEDxKids@Chiyoda

Duncan Hornet

Here's some Duncan Hornet pictures provided by Kyle Capiral from the Philippines!
Thanks Kyle! Kyle also want to thank SPINGEAR for giving him these Duncan Hornets!

So from all the images, you can see a metal piece which is a washer, there's a seat for the washer, where the spacer sits, which means the area where the spacer sits, has another recess area for the washer, what purpose does the washer serve, I'm not too sure though. But the Duncan Hornet comes with two sets of spacer, the metal one, and the plastic one that, according to Kyle, is pretty much the same as Yomega's. So from the photos I'm assuming Kyle's using the metal spacers for his setup, maybe a better choice. The washer can be removed though, Kyle said he prefer to have them removed and just use the metal spacer for his setup, it feels more like the Fireball/Raider in that way.

Drewtetz - Fixed Friday

Sunday, 16 December 2012

ILYY: X'Mas Eels

"We decided to go for a final batch of Saint Eels for this Christmas. This time, they are finished by vibratory grinding in two steps. The first being ceramic pellets followed by wallnut shells. This gives the outside of the halves a smooth polish-like appearance while the inside keeps its machining looks. The specs are the same as those of the last batch. Around 30 were made. These will be the last Eels to slither out of our shack. If you want the reigning micro-yoyo king, keep your eyes open. Those will ship soon to retailers."

The Undiscovered

Drewtetz - Puppydog Love

Friday, 14 December 2012

Vong Kin Ian December 2012

It's a pity the video quality is a little low, I think Steven did some great stuff there!

Oxygène io

Diameter: 54 mm
Width: 43 mm
Weight: 65 gr.
Gap: wall to wall 5 mm

Check out the FB post here!


Coming soon from YONITY.