Thursday, 26 March 2015

West Coast Classic 2015 Freestyes (Last WCC)

This marks the end of West Coast Classic.
Check out more freestyles at Spinworkx's YouTube Channel!

Now that there's no more regional contest in Singapore, Spinworkx will focus more on Showcase which local player can compete for free. It's being held more frequently too as compared to the regionals. In regards to seeding, past year champions of SYYC are seeded to current year.

Thanks Spinworkx for organizing the regionals for the pass few years!

Sunday, 8 March 2015

Fin Hop 3in1 Yoyo Updates* Offstring May Not Withstand Abuse

I posted an unboxing video of the Fin Hop 3in1 Yoyo in November 2014, but never did talk much about it. Recently I find some time to fiddle with it, tried the offstring, and here's some discovery.

Now I thought you guys might want to know this, I've only play with it for a few minutes, I deliberately drop it on the floor to test the bounce, just a few times. Bounce is good, however, there's signs of damage on the wings as soon as I dropped them. Check out the pictures. From the colored part you can see the white lines formed by the drop.

Now the other 2 shells are fine, since I only play 1A with them. The 4A is something you guys have to take note before buying.

Here's the unboxing video if you've missed it.