Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Opinion: Tait Design Co. Sling-Slang Yoyo

So Matthew Tait was nice to send me a Sling-Slang yoyo to try out!
I first came across this in the beginning of December last year in tumblr when I randomly search yoyo, and it instantly caught my attention. I've seen a couple of yoyos being produced by non-yoyo maker, and they all didn't really make me wow, but that's just me. When I first saw this, it was on WeAndTheColor's tumblr page, and I immediately feel I have to go search more about it, and I eventually went to Tait Design Co.'s website. That's where I sent an email to Matt and ask more about the product and stuff. And there, I was offered one to try out! And man I love it. It's the first yoyo made by non-yoyo maker that caught my attention instantly, and it look so nice, in my opinion, and looking at the grooved aluminum axle, I was expecting it to play really well~ And I really, really like the packaging. Unboxing video and more pictures before I move on!

So, I got it, I was excited, I open it, assembled it, put on a kitty string, and gave it a throw, it felt pretty nice, but I MUST say that, it's Matt's first attempt at making a yoyo, doing a long sleeper isn't an issue, I was able to hit a Trapeze, sometimes a Double or Nothing, I could do Loops with it, Hops and even Shoot the Moon. But anything else fails, I could hardly do Split the Atom although I manage to hit it once. The moment the layer of string goes into the string gap, it kills the spin. However, Matt's gonna get that fixed, either in the next run, or possibly an all new product!

Remember, this is never mean to be a competition yoyo, it's for fun, designed by a designer.
It's still playable nonetheless.
I am still playing mine even though I could barely do many tricks with it.
Maybe some of you who mod out there can mod it the way you want it to be?
I don't know for sure.

Also, Tait Design Co. and I are hosting a giveaway HERE. So do check it out and stand a chance to win a Tait Design Co. Sling-Slang Yoyo!