Monday, 23 June 2014

Crescent XTornado

First of all, pardon the dirty background of the photo, I don't have a proper box to take a nice picture of for a very long time, I haven't been receiving any testers since I became busy and inactive, I'm grateful to those who still send me and who still give me news. Lately if any of you still visits this blog, you'll see it's been updated a little bit more often than usual. That's because I've got some time on my hands for a short period of time, but it won't be for long though.

So this yoyo is from Taiwan, from the maker that produced the weight rings for the Adegle PSG,LORI, now they're making yoyos under a different name, Crescent. Click here to check out the weight rings they did, I posted about it when I was still blogging else where.

I received the yoyo along with extra pairs of response pads, one 1.00mm thickness, the other 1.15mm thickness, the one that came with it was 1.00mm.
 It also comes with a KK bearing, it's not from Dif-e-Yo though, but I was told it's gonna be replace with a different KK in their next release, a better one as they would put it.

Now, I'm not one who is good at sustaining a long spin while doing combos, but this yoyo can easily sustain very long in my playing. I'm not exactly a fan of the sharp edge but to my surprise it was still comfortable in the palm. Kai Cheng told me he knows the issue about having sharp edges but he insisted on it because this is his first yoyo and he wants it his way, but it'll be improved further in the next release, which I think would probably be under a different name, released as a different yoyo.

I won't lie, when I saw the sharp edge I was a little turned off, but when I put on a string and play it I'm surprised, it's not what I thought it would be. Stocked, it's really really smooth, very long spinning like I mentioned earlier, no wobble, no vibes, I really enjoyed playing it, finger spins are possible too. I still suck at horizontal, but I'm sure it can handle that pretty well too, I'm assuming that by looking at the shape okay, that's me.

I've yet to replace any pads, I'm not sure how the 1.15mm pads would feel on the yoyo, but 1.00mm gives pretty tight binds, I suppose the 1.15mm will give you even tighter or slightly snaggy feeling? maybe not if I just replace one side. I'll update if I eventually play long enough to change it, and if I actually remember and have time to update the blog again. I'm not sure if there'll be a promo video like how I used to do for other yoyos, time and players are limited, but I'll try to work something out. Share your opinion of this yoyo in the comment section if you've tried one before, try the yoyo if you want to when you see me. I'm already looking forward to see the next release.

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