Saturday, 13 December 2014

sOMEThING by YoYoAddict Slasher

Just some photos I took during Hiroyuki's trip to Singapore a few weeks back.

I was lucky enough to try out the yoyo, I really really like it.
The fact that it's slightly undersized makes it even better! The shape, the weight, the size, the overall feel in the hand, it's just great. I would say... it's solid yet floaty? But that's just me.

I've tried the Anglam, the Anglam CC, the Anglam CC 2014, I haven't tried the Anglam 7075 or Phaser or the other yoyos, but I mentioned I actually prefer the Anglam to the Anglam Ver CC. But this, the Slasher, in my opinion, top them all. Not so much about hyping it up, it's really just my opinion. Plus this color is just sick. Okay, that's about it I wanna share.

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