Thursday, 11 December 2014

Opinion: WHIMSYYOYOS Pokerface

It's been a while since I got this yoyo, been caught up with school, what else?
Before I move on to share my opinion on this yoyo, take a look at more pictures of the yoyo first!

So when I learnt that Steven has a new brand, I was pretty curious how the yoyo will be as compared to his old line of yoyo, mainly the Eterni Tee Spider Man. This released for a while before I asked him if I could try one out which he offered to send one.

I wasn't exactly aware of the shape because the caps always stole the attention, so I didn't really expect too much from it. Finally, got it, unbox it, put on a string and play with it. Steven told me the bearing that came in mine wasn't the stock bearing as they ran out of it. But even so, it plays very well, it will not come in KK bearing because of some carrier issue I supposed. I want to start with the feel of the shape, which I think is very comfortable, vibe-free spin and very smooth, despite the bearing not being stock. I have to say... it feels somewhere between floaty and solid, at 66g, during spin, it feels a little heavier in my opinion. The finish is smooth, the grinds are smooth, not sure if rim was design for IRG but I would say it can be done. I like the art on the cap, but I dig the joker more, but of course it doesn't affect playability, I'm just sharing.

Like mentioned, I have this for a while now, and Steven mentioned to me when we chat that they may not make another batch of Pokerface, but there were some 44Clash editions around which I think you guys can get? Overall I really enjoy this yoyo, I carry it out almost most of the time since I got it, long spinning, stable, smooth, handles everything I threw at it. I think it may feel even more floaty if you throw a KK at it. And yes, the caps can been removed, I used a needle.
You can watch the video below where I unbox it, and removed the caps.

If any of you local kids want to try this out, let me know so I can bring along IF I'm heading down town. If you have a different opinion, do share it in the comments for the benefit of those who may be interested!

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