Tuesday, 10 September 2013


The BLKSENS Traccia is slightly "fatter" than the Fireballs and Raiders, I tried the prototype at AP2013 and they were rather unresponsive for non 2A pioneers, and Calvin Wong told me the production ones are gonna be fixed. I'm not sure if there's actually any major changes but this pair that he gave me does plays rather responsively stocked. I still lube them anyway.
I kind of like it considering I'm not a pioneer at all at 2A, but don't take my words for it, the last I heard, I wasn't suppose to say I know a fair bit about 2A, because well, I'm not a pioneer at it, and I'm definitely not a qualifier. So having let Kenneth Leng tried the Traccia, he mentioned it's a little too responsive for his liking, that's the main thing he said a couple times. But I put on Kitty Strings normal when I let him try, so it could be the string, I haven't try with 50/50 yet. So yea, I can only share experience of what I can do with any looping yoyos, well at least I know when your Fireballs start slipping, one of the main thing concern would be the wearing out of starburst. Long strings loop down, short string loops up, etc, but I shan't share too much, if anyone really wants to know my experience with the Traccia, drop me a PM or something.
Better yet, try it out yourself if you happen to see me or anyone who has it.
Share your opinions on the Traccia in the comment section for the benefits of those who may be interested in the Traccia.

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