Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Magic YoYo x TopYo x Even CRYSTAL

One of the latest yoyo from China, the Crystal is a collaboration between Magic YoYo, TopYo Nation, & Even, which I think is a apparel/accessories making company.
Here's more photos provided by TopYo!

I would say a pretty common shape of today, but would like to find out how it plays though, as far as I know, this shape is quite common, but not for plastics, maybe delrin, but not lower end plastics, wonder how it plays, definitely hope I get a chance to try this out!

I think this collaboration is in conjunction with another event or something, not much info was given, but I've seen several accessories featuring this panda, of it could be the brand logo for Even. More info when I get them!

Apparently, Even is the name of a China Player, not the name of any company.

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