Friday, 21 December 2012

Duncan Hornet

Here's some Duncan Hornet pictures provided by Kyle Capiral from the Philippines!
Thanks Kyle! Kyle also want to thank SPINGEAR for giving him these Duncan Hornets!

So from all the images, you can see a metal piece which is a washer, there's a seat for the washer, where the spacer sits, which means the area where the spacer sits, has another recess area for the washer, what purpose does the washer serve, I'm not too sure though. But the Duncan Hornet comes with two sets of spacer, the metal one, and the plastic one that, according to Kyle, is pretty much the same as Yomega's. So from the photos I'm assuming Kyle's using the metal spacers for his setup, maybe a better choice. The washer can be removed though, Kyle said he prefer to have them removed and just use the metal spacer for his setup, it feels more like the Fireball/Raider in that way.

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