Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Hiroyuki Suzuki Eli Hop Guinness Record Update

From what I see, Hiroyuki did 77 hops on the 2nd try, and 78 on the 3rd.

Hiroyuki needs to do more than 72 to break his previous record, but apparently, the record taker told Hiroyuki he did 67 on the 2nd try, and 68 on the 3rd, which is exactly 10 hops lesser than what we all saw, so no, Hiroyuki didn't manage to set a new record. I'm clueless.

Here's more from another point of view.
first attempt.

second attempt.

third attempt.

I personally think the clicker was faulty, but that's just me, it's possible.
Many people who saw these videos counted about 77-78 hops, but the judges counted exactly 10 hops less. Maybe the "6" got stucked or something, that happens to clickers, right?

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