Monday, 22 October 2012

YoyoAcq Presents: Jereme Mah with MagicYoYo N11

A quick one on this, my school re-opens tomorrow and I won't be as free like the past 2 months for the next 4 months, so I haven't written on my opinions on some yoyos, so I'll probably post the opinions and promo videos on separate entries depending on which comes first, unlike the opinion posted for the past 2 months which came with the promo videos, so hope everyone can get used to it.

On the MagicYoYo N11, a quick one, I used to like the very first T5 from MagicYoYo, the rest were fine but I don't really dig them, and then came the N11, which I dig, but it's just me.

The N11 has an undercut wall like the YYF AG and Takuto's L4, probably why the N11 plays differently from the other models? I'm not exactly sure of that, but I really have to say it plays pretty nicely and feels comfortable in the hand. I would say the N11 is pretty smooth and stable(with weight ring), but I haven't dinged it once so I can't vouch for it's durability. On a string-hold test, there wasn't vibe, neither is there on the finger test, for me. the grinds were alright, not too much to expect, but the smoothness on the string is nice, that's why I prefer it to the other MagicYoYo models. It comes with silicone/rubber weight rings, I feel inserting the rings make it more stable, however I play without them, I prefer how it feels without the rings on. But with or without, both setups play pretty fast, but maybe without the weight rings, it isn't as stable though. The N11, like all MagicYoYo yoyos, comes with their own concave bearing, haven't really locked up on me so far, in fact spins pretty long, stocked. I would suggest giving it a try~

Not exactly a opinion entry, but do share your opinions on the N11 if you've tried one.

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