Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Opinion: Cold Metal CO2

Like the YoYoPlanet Polaris, I've edited the video for the Cold Metal CO2 but unlisted, waiting to write my opinion, here's more photos before I continue.

Cold Metal/Aero Yo always have pretty nice packaging for their products, and the CO2 makes no difference, it comes in a can, and included is a dog tag with a neck chain thingy, which I like, I hung it together with my bunch of keys now. 

So the CO2 came with their very own concave bearing, along with their own white silicone pads. The bearing seat of the yoyo is average, not too tight, not too loose. Assuming this is the final production, these are probably the bits and pieces you'll be getting.

specs: 54mm diameter, 42mm width, 68.5g.

The Cold Metal CO2 is the signature yoyo for Cold Metal team member Alexey Nemchik.
At 68.5, I was expecting it to feel a little heavy because visually it look a little undersized, but it's actually near the regular size. It's a comfortable hold in the palm, with a rounded outer rim, with a concave inner rim, that is suitable for IRG tricks. The CO2 has this groove surface on the catch zone near the rim area, which I think is to reduce friction during string play. The finish on the CO2 doesn't really give a butter smooth grind, but it does still have a powerful after a finger grind. On a string hold test, the yoyo is very stable I'll say, no vibes on the yoyo, no string vibes either, and it has a very tight bind in my opinon. The CO2 provide super long spin like most metal yoyo of today, handling regular stuffs like slacks, lacerations, and rejections ain't a problem, regens are pretty much a comfort thanks to it's shape. And horizontal tricks are no issue either, I can't do them, but I've seen top players like Marcus Koh and Christopher Chia doing horizontals with them when I got them to try the yoyos, and to add on, they said the CO2's a very nice yoyo. 

If anyone wants a comparison shot let me know, I'll see if I have what you need and will update if I can deliver that. Also, please leave your opinion on this yoyo for the benefit of those that might be getting the CO2.

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