Sunday, 8 March 2015

Fin Hop 3in1 Yoyo Updates* Offstring May Not Withstand Abuse

I posted an unboxing video of the Fin Hop 3in1 Yoyo in November 2014, but never did talk much about it. Recently I find some time to fiddle with it, tried the offstring, and here's some discovery.

Now I thought you guys might want to know this, I've only play with it for a few minutes, I deliberately drop it on the floor to test the bounce, just a few times. Bounce is good, however, there's signs of damage on the wings as soon as I dropped them. Check out the pictures. From the colored part you can see the white lines formed by the drop.

Now the other 2 shells are fine, since I only play 1A with them. The 4A is something you guys have to take note before buying.

Here's the unboxing video if you've missed it.

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