Sunday, 24 August 2014

Who has the best finger spin?

Nothing much today, was just watching the series of finger spin short clips of Paul Kerbel that YoYoFactory released over the past few days, and it reminded me how it got started, or rather, who I remembered seeing as the first person who expand the finger spin stuffs.

here's a series of Paul Kerbel's.

And then I thought, didn't Momo from C3YoyoDesign did one video on a really long finger spin?
that was really impressive, and that wasn't the only one either, but here's the one I'm talking about.

Of course, later there's a lot of other players who could do it really well, but those who got more recognition doing it are definitely players like Shu Takada, Takeshi Matsuura, Jeon Ji Hwan, Rei Iwakura & Han Sanprasert in 4A, and more that I might have left out.

But ultimately, who I remembered as the first to go into this finger stuff and expend it would be Kota Watanabe.

Finger spins starts at about 2:38 mark.

I don't have an answer to who has the best finger spin, but I often think more about what yoyoe they were using when they do it. This entry makes no sense, just thought I'll share what I am thinking at the moment, and share some videos that you may have missed, or forgotten.

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