Sunday, 1 September 2013

YoyoAcquaintance Presents: AP-SYYC 2013

This video should have been up long ago, like most of the yoyo write-ups that should've been up too, but was so caught up with school, now that I'm on break from school, I can finally sit down and compile these clips. AP2013 was great even though many friends didn't attend, and even though I didn't really hang out like usual after the day ended, but I get to finally film and talk to players that I've seen from a distance. This AP I'm happy to finally talk to and filmed Zannix Wong, have always like his trick presentation, wicked! Ahmad Kharisma, always wanted to make a video clip of him but time constraints and I didn't talk to him about it too. Ho Swee Jim, personal favorite from Malaysia and also a Diamont Noir member, finally able to chat with him a little and get some footage of him. Ginji Miura's such a nice kid, always smiling, crazy tricks! #yoyobaby Kazuya Murata's probably the highlight of the event, attracting attention everywhere he goes, I was telling some of the guys that his parents doesn't need to worry about him getting lost because wherever he go players are watching over him. Momo aka Ethan Wong from C3YoyoDesign was pretty friendly to let me film his crazy finger grinds, watching it in person is definitely a different experience! Kentaro Mannen deserves more attention with his crazy combos and tricks, I have more footage than just that one finger grind trick that's put into this video clip and I might compile them into another short clip! Ji Hwan has been improving rapidly and I really like some of his tricks crazy! Pornpinit Sanprasert, C3YoyoDesign's latest member from Thailand, first got my attention at AP2012 using a Chinese song for freestyle, this year showing off his crazy finger spin tricks, and allowing me to film them at the bash! Of course there are other great players/old friends but these are few new players that I've never filmed before and I want to mention them.
Of course the emcee is great, everyone's favorite emcee. And definitely thanks to SPINWORKX for organizing the event and thanks to all sponsors as well! Congrats to all winners event though this entry came super late. And hope you guys enjoy watching this video even though there isn't fancy editing and all.

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