Friday, 13 September 2013

Acquaintance presents: Adegle Sundial

Shape: Sandglass
Weight: 67.4 g
Width: 42.5 mm
Effective Width: 39.5 mm
Diameter: 55.0 mm
Gap Width: 4.7 mm
Bearing Size: Size C
Gap Type: Fixed
Response System: CBC Silicone Pad (thickness 1 mm)

First of all, I personally think that this is by far the best Adegle yoyo I've tried. I've also tried the Accel(below) which is the latest from Adegle, during AP, but that one belongs to a player and it actually felt rather beat up, it wasn't the smoothest yoyo.

When I first got the Sundial, I was expecting the feeling to be like some of the Adegles, maximum bearing gap without a tight bind. So I finally got down to put on a string, hold it, it was a rather comfortable shape, give it a throw, do some tricks, I was kind of surprise, bind it back, it's a tight bind.
And I really enjoy playing it more than any Adegle, to be honest. Not that the previous models ain't good, but I feel that Adegle have step out of their boundary and create something that gives a different feel. The Sundial is stable, provides long spins, no vibes on string hold or finger test, smooth on the string, handles most stuff I throw at it. I forgot to mention the Sundial came with a CBC Center-Trac bearing, which probably help the smoothness while the yoyo moves within the string.

All in all, I would say the Adegle Sundial is a fine throw, competition yoyo for sure, again, not that the previous yoyos from Adegle aren't good, they are good, but I really like the Sundial as compared to the other models, I liked the RhongTo but the pads was a little bit of an issue for me, so is the kinda sharp wall area. I'd say find a chance to try this yoyo, really.
What's your thought on the Sundial? Share you opinion for the benefit of those who may be interested.

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