Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Hitman X

In 2003, Johnnie Delvalle won BAC regional, Worlds and followed by the US Nationals.
Yep, Worlds before the US Nats.
If I'm not wrong, JD was sponsored by Spintastics before 2003, and was seen competing with a modded Tigershark with coral rims. Everyone was hyped up about the Hitman as Worlds is approaching, this is as far as I can remember but I could be wrong. 10 years had passed. A series of Hitmans and X-Cons have been produced. Now Yoyojam bring to you the Hitman X.
Watch the 3 winning freestyle by JD. It really wasn't easy winning the regionals, nationals and worlds all in the same year back then in that era, the first 2 that came to mind was JD and Hiroyuki Suzuki, Yuuki Spencer in 2007 did the same thing though.

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