Thursday, 18 July 2013

YYF Superstar is back!

"We've gone wider! As you can see with this comparison photo we've made the new Superstar wider then the original. We've also bright the inner wall in closer to the pad and bearing. This helps minimize friction between the body and the yo-yo string when playing horizontal. Left: the new Superstar, Right: Original Superstar."

"In 2008 we wanted to see how far we could push the rules of yo-yo design. We wanted to make something wide and easy to control, because that's what our team was asking for. We wanted something that could spin longer so our team could have the best chance at success. What we came up with was the Superstar. Early prototypes were hit or miss. The ones that worked were amazing! But, because of the inherent difficulty in the design, we didn't plan on making them a production model. That is, until our team started winning World and National titles with it! John Ando was the first to capture a World title with the Superstar in his ground breaking freestyle that turned a new generation of yo-yoers onto arm tricks and movement in a freestyle. After that, we knew we had to make this for every player. After careful engineering and working closely with our factories we finally had the ultimate competitive design. The Superstar has gone on to win tons of titles, and become a staple yo-yo in any players arsenal. Now, 5 years later, we have taken the core philosophy of the Superstar and given it new attributes that todays players are asking for. We pushed the boundaries even wider. We brought the inner wall closer to the bearing to reduce friction when doing horizontal tricks. And, most noticeably, we designed it without hubstacks to minimize center weight for even longer spin times. This is a true competitor, and with it you can be the next Superstar. Available Worldwide August 1st"

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