Sunday, 18 November 2012

C3 X 44CLASH X Kikstyo Glitter


44CLASH x C3yoyodesign x KIKS TYO collaboration limited yoyo - GLITTER!!!

GLITTER - Sparkle, Brilliance and Glamour. This is the first cooperation project between C3yoyodesign, KIKSTYO and 44clash. We wanna design a yoyo to present how much we respect all the finalist on 44CLASH stage. They are Stars, Stars from everywhere around the world.

You may say GLITTER is smaller size Berserker without Bi-metal design. Yes, It's true but just partly. During the meeting with 44CLASH committee and KIKSTYO at headquarter of KIKSTYO in Tokyo,Japan, we concluded that the shape of Berserker can provide a good hand feeling. At the same time, we wanna make this design ready for contest and affordable for most of the players. GLITTER has a strong binding feeling. With the 54mm diameter, player can do tricks with speed and good flexibility.

In this project, KIKSTYO in-charged in the appearance design, They chose these stuning color combinations and designed laser engraving for Glitter to add the finishing touch.

GLITTER will be first released during 44Clash Japan 2012. Worldwide limited 100pcs.


Weight: 67.83grams
Width: 43.4mm
Diameter: 53.94mm
Gap width: 3.80mm
Bearing Size (Inside x Outside x Width): .250 x .500 x .187 in
Gap Type: Fixed
Response: Silicon sticker / flowable silicon

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